Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra

Borodin, Alexander - Symphony No.2 h-moll `Warriors` (1869-76)
Chausson, Ernest - Poème for violin and orchestra (1896), op. 25
Denisov, Edison - Partita for Violin and Chamber Orchestra (1981)
Dunayevsky, Isaac - Overture to the film `Children of Captain Grant`
Fleisher, Igor - Concerto for symphonic orchestra in three parts, G-moll
Fleisher, Igor - Three Pieces for symphonic orchestra
Gogolin, Mikhail - Metanoia
Kapustin, Nikolai - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 2, op. 14
Lyadov, Anatoliy - 8 Russian Folk Songs for Orchestra, op. 58
Mikhalev, Alexander - `Psalms of David`, cantata for baritone solo, mixed choir and large symphony orchestra
Polyakov, Dmitry - Quasar, Symphonic Poem
Ponomarev, Vladimir - Le Paradigme de l`absurde (Paradigm of absurdity) for Oboe and Strings
Popov, Andrey Vladimirovich - Wie geht es Dir, altes Wien? (How are you, old Vienna?). Concert-allusion for 2 pianos and orchestra on themes from the operetta Die Fledermaus (The Bat) by Johann Strauss (1993)
Primak, Vladimir - Children`s symphony in three parts
Prostitov, Oleg - Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 4
Prostitov, Oleg - `Surikov - Son of Krasnoyarsk Land`, oratorio for soloists, choir and orchestra (2016)
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Piano Concerto No. 1 in fis-moll (1890-91, 1917), op. 1
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - `Easter Festival` overture (1888), op. 36
Senegin, Vladimir - Concerto for two pianos and orchestra (in one movement)
Senegin, Vladimir - Concerto studio for Piano and Strings
Tuev, Konstantin - Concerto for Trumpet and String Orchestra
Veselkov, Feodor - Three Pieces for symphonic orchestra
Yudin, Igor - Symphony No.4 for orchestra (in one movement)
Zfasman, Alexander - Jazz Suite