Brno State Philharmonic Orchestra

1. Prélude. Ariadne`s sleep.
2. Ariadne`s Awakening. ... She looks around everywhere with astonishment. ... She stands, comes, toes, runs, looks for Theseus and his companions. ... She realises that she has been abandoned. With difficulty she pulls herself up onto a rock.
3. She falls into the arms of Bacchus, who has appeared suddenly behind the summit. ... Bacchus resumes the dream dance with Ariadne, now awake.
4. Bacchus dances alone.
5. The kiss.
6. The Dionysian spell.
7. The Bacchic procession of revellers forms. ... A faun and a maenad offer Ariadne the golden cup into which they have squeezed the juice of grapes.
8. Dance of Ariadne.
9. Dance of Ariadne and Bacchus.
10. Bacchanal.
11. The coronation of Ariadne.

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