City of London Sinfonia

Opera in two acts, op. 88
Text: Myfanwy Piper (1911-1997), after the novella by Thomas Mann (1875-1955)
Period of composition: Dec 1971 - Mar 1973
Revised: Jun 1973-Oct 1974

First performance: 16 Jun 1973, Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Aldeburgh Festival (ECO, conductor Steuart Bedford, choreography Sir Frederick Ashton; soloists: Peter Pears, John Shirley-Quirk, James Bowman, Deanne Bergsma, Robert Huguenin, etc.)
Duration: 145.0`
Dedication: `To Peter`

Act I
Scene 1 (Munich)
Scene 2 (on the boat to Venice)
Overture: Venice
Scene 3 (the journey to the Lido)
Scene 4 (the first evening at the hotel)
Scene 5 (on the beach)
Scene 6 (the foiled departure)
Scene 7 (the games of Apollo)

Act II
Scene 8 (the hotel barber`s shop: i)
Scene 9 (the pursuit)
Scene 10 (the strolling players)
Scene 11 (the travel bureau)
Scene 12 (the lady of the pearls)
Scene 13 (the dream)
Scene 14 (the empty beach)
Scene 15 (the hotel barber`s shop: ii)
Scene 16 (the last visit to Venice)
Scene 17 (the departure)

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