Orchestra dell`Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia

for soprano, tenor and baritone solos, chorus, orchestra, chamber orchestra, boys` choir and organ, op. 66.
Text: The Missa pro Defunctis (set in Latin) and poems by Wilfred Owen.
First performance: 30 May 1962 - At the festival to celebrate the consecration of St. Michael`s Cathedral, Coventry.
Duration: 85.0`
Dedication: `In loving memory of Roger Burney, Sub-Lieutenant R.N.V.R., Piers Dunkerley, Captain Royal Marines, David Gill, Ordinary Seaman, Royal Navy, Michael Halliday, Lieutenant R.N.Z.N.V.R.`

1. Requiem aeternam
1.1 Requiem aeternam (SATB /soprano-alto-tenor-baritone/)
1.2 Te decet hymnus (boys` choir)
- Anthem for Doomed Youth (`What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?) (T)
1.3 Kyrie eleison (SATB)
2. Dies irae
2.1 Dies irae (SATB)
- Bugles sang (`Bugles sang, saddening the evening air`) (B)
2.2 Liber scriptus proferetur (S, SATB)
- The Next War (`Out there, we`ve walked quite friendly up to Death`) (T,B)
2.3 Recordare Jesu pie (SATB)
- On seeing a Piece of Our Heavy Artillery Brought into Action (`Be slowly lifted up, thou long black arm`) (B)
2.4 Dies irae (S, SATB)
- Lacrimosa dies illa (SATB)
- Futility (`Move him into the sun`) (T)
2.5 Pie Jesu Domine (SATB)
3. Offertorium
3.1 Domine Jesu Christe (boys` choir)
3.2 Sed signifer sanctus Michael (SATB)
- The Parable of the Old Man and the Young (`So Abram rose`) (T,B)
3.3 Hostias et preces tibi Domine (boys` choir)
4. Sanctus
4.1 Sanctus (S, SATB)
- The End (`After the blast of lightning from the East`) (B)
5. Agnus Dei
5.1 At a Calvary near the Ancre (`One ever hangs where shelled roads part`) (T)
5.2 Agnus Dei (SATB)
6. Libera me
6.1 Libera me, Domine (S, SATB)
- Strange Meeting (`It seemed that out of battle I escaped`) (T,B)
6.2 In paradisum (S, boys` choir, SATB)