Estonian National Symphony Orchestra

Duration: 75 minutes
Premiere: 2 December 1949, Symphony Hall, Boston (Yvonne Loriod, piano; Ginette Marenot; Boston Symphony Orchestra; Leonard Bernstein, conductor)

2.Chant damour I [Song of Love I]
3.Turangalila I
4.Chant damour II [Song of Love II]
5.Joie du sang des etoiles [Joy in the Blood of the Stars]
6.Jardin du sommeil damour [The Garden of Love`s Slumber]
7.Turangalila II
8.Developpement de lamour [The Growth of love]
9.Turangalila III

François Weigel - piano. Thomas Bloch - ondes Martenot. Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Nikolai Alexeev - conductor. Live. 8 October 2010, Estonia Concert Hall, Tallinn.
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