Alexandr Alexandrov

Alexandr Alexandrov (1883–1946)
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"Bless my soul, Lord"
"Our Father" for soprano and choir
An Experienced Sailor. 1941
Anthem of the USSR
Cantata on Stalin
Cantata `Poem about Ukraine` (O. Kolychev)
Chastushka about a ditty (A. Irkutov)
Far Eastern ditties (M. Shuvalov, L. Raikhman) (1938)
Life has become better, song (V. Lebedev-Kumach) (1936)
Mountains, folk song, arr. by A. Aleksandrov
On the Soviet Army, a song (lyrics by O. Kolychev)
Song `About Papanin (Glory to the Brave)` (V. Lebedev-Kumach) (1938)
Song `Blue night` (S. Alymov)
Song `Eagle tribe` (V. Lebedev-Kumach) (1944)
Song `Echelon (Song of Voroshilov)` (O. Kolychev) (1935)
Song `Heroic flight` (S. Alymov)
Song `Let`s remember comrades (Song about Blucher)` (S. Alymov)
Song `Native Side` (S. Mikhalkov) (1945)
Song `On the Campaign` (A. Prokofiev) (1941)
Song `On the Caspian gray sea` (S. Alymov)
Song `Our Guard` (A. Argo) (1944)
Song `Song about Klim Voroshilov` (O. Kolychev)
Song `Song of Lazo` (B. Zernit) (1938)
Song `Song of Stalin` (S. Alymov) (1937)
Song `Song of the 27th Division` (N. Krasnopolsky)
Song `Song of the 5th Division` (S. Alymov)
Song `Song of the military commissar` (O. Kolychev) (1938)
Song `Song of the Party` (V. Lebedev-Kumach) (1939)
Song `Traveling song of the 11th Army` (S. Alymov)
Song `Volzhskaya Burlatskaya` (O. Kolychev)
The song `Enduring and legendary` (O. Kolychev) (1943)
The song `Fight at Lake Khasan` (S. Alymov) (1938)
The song `Fighting Song of the Partisans` (M. Golodny) (1941)
The song `Hit the Airplanes from the Sky` (S. Alymov)
The song `Meeting with the Leader` (P. Herman) (1940)
The song `Song of the People`s Commissar Timoshenko` (V. Lebedev-Kumach) (1940)
The song `The Holy Lenin`s Banner` (O. Kolychev) (1943)
The song `The lies flew into Tsaritsyn (Death of the partisan)` (O. Kolychev) (1936)
There are Many Roads in the Field, Russian folk song
Transbaikal ditties (S. Alymov) (1935)

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