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Cherkeshenka`s Song from the play `The Prisoner of the Caucasus`
`Ah, boring, sad ...`, Ivan`s song from the opera `The fisherman and the mermaid, or the Evil Potion`
`Blue eyes, a mazurka with a choir
A girl living in the mountains, crying (Georgian folk song)
Who is there in the distance?
What I miss
`Song of Bayan` (`Fighters sit on horses`)
`Song of Bayan` (`War, war, goodbye, Siana`)
`Song of Bayan` (`O night, O night, fly with an arrow!`), For voice and chorus with piano
Song of the poor man
The Song of the Robber
Song of the Don Cossack
`On pebbles, on the yellow sand `, the song of Melnik`s daughter from the play` The Mermaid`
Why he admired me...
Kiss of love pledge ... , a duet of comic opera `Moonlit Night, or Domovye`
Cherkes Song from the play `The Prisoner of the Caucasus`, poems of A. Pushkin
There are many girls in our mountains...
Oh, my sweetheart...
You stood leaning against the rock, Barcarola
`Storm`, symphonic picture
Variations on a Ukrainian theme "Cossack Rode beyond the Danube" for violin and orchestra
I Believe
Light Curl
Darling, you`re too careful
Eh, let`s drink, walk, Table hussar song
Joy is given to us by fate, friends
From a distant country
Drinking song `Well, friendlier, more cheerful!`
Drinking song `Come on, first glass ...`
The Cherubic Hymn
Introduction and Theme and Variations for Violin in d-moll
Quadrille for Piano in B Flat Major
Happy carelessness
I`ve seen her only twice
Who passionately loves
Mazurka for Piano in E Flat Major
Folk Songs Processing
Dark Forest
Ah, if I had known this before
Spray sparks
Along the wide street
Choosing a wife
Oh, My Head...
Friends, let`s not be sad ...
I will go out on the porch
Kabardinian Song
The village is located across the river
The long way is over
I will not tell that anyone
Song of the disabled person
Siberian Song
An orphan
We came to a noble person
An old husband, a formidable husband
It`s sad for me to live in this world
Open the Gate, Baron! Funeral Song
To Adel
Oh, granddaughter, avoid love.
Poor singer/poet
I loved you with bliss
I`m afraid, I`m afraid! ...
Loyalty to the grave
Fun time
Evening Dawn
Evening Call
Instead of separation and sadness ...
I see a butterfly flies
I`m in love, nice girl
Everything comes its own turn
Where are you, where are you, my dear friend...
How long have flowers bloomed...
Two Crows
A girl`s dream
Village Watchman
Exciting friendship
Forest Rustles...
She`s gone
If life deceives you
A complaint
I am sorry and sad ...
Living Dead
You forgot the past ...
Winter Road, Romance
And My Little Star...
Hut/Peasant`s house/Izba
Irtysh River
To her...
How happy is he who remembers ...
Insidious friend...
To be together ...
A Ring of Girl
A Ring
Ray of hope
I Love You!
Nightingale is a lover of the rose
A Dream
My Prayer
Do not remember, do not say ...
Do not say...
It is not for me...
Do not think about it, my friend!
Beggar (P.J.Beranger), romance
Oh, My Young Friend
One more day
A lonely moon floated across the sky
She is mine!
Song of the Unfortunate
Song of the Shepherdess
Old Man Song (Do you remember, brother...)
Sad Song
The fiery eyes
Sorry, I am sorry!
Sorry, Now it is a Midnight
Farewell of the Hussar
Farewell to the Nightingale in the North
Farewell to the nightingale
Parting with a sweetheart
I parted with you ...
Sasha, I`m suffering
To Sasha
Rural elegy
I`m sitting on the river bank
Little Orphan
Tell me why the roses are burning ...
How sweet the nightingale sang
A tear
Do not believe the crazy temptation ...
You, Fyodor, were a glorious hussar
Nightingale (Solovei)
The one who likes the fun is happy
Happiness is in a dream
Tell Me, My Friend...
Mystery ( I will not tell, I do not admit)
Secret Sorrow
When I recognized you
The longing of sick Nina
Why does she shine with her beauty
A Prisoner
A Flower
Flower, a Decoration of fields
Flower. What does the gift of a flower mean?
A girl with black eyes
Why do you need to know my name
What are you singing, a beautiful girl
Yuliya. Voice from the Other World
I loved you
I see the image of yours
I survived my desires ...
Clear eyes, black eyes
Miranda Romance from the opera `Storm`
Romances and Songs
Rondo for Piano
Advice to a young man
Secular Choirs a cappella
Symphony No.3 in e-moll
Sonata for Violin and Piano in E moll
Piano Sonata
String Quartet No.1
String Quartet No.3 in G-dur
Suite from the ballet "The Magic Drum, or Magic Flute consequence"
Solemn polonaise
Overture to the vaudeville "A young mother and fiance of 48 years, or home performance"
Overture to the vaudeville "Three dozens of, or a new two-day adventure
Overture to the vaudeville "Morning and evening, or the wind changed"
Overture to the drama "The Departed, or the Siege of Corinth"
Overture in F moll
Trio for piano, violin and cello in a-moll
Piano Quintet
Blessed is he who could do this
A beautiful place, where are you?
To perish or to love
I will not touch your sadness
Under Blue Sky
Northern Prisoner
Gloomy sky, the wind is noisy
You swore an oath
I loved life...
I remember a wonderful moment ...