Louis Andriessen

Louis Andriessen (Born 1939)
...miserere..., for string quartet (2006)
A flower song II, for oboe (1964)
Anachronie I, for orchestra (1966-67)
Anachronie II, furnishings music for oboe and orchestra (1969)
Beatles Songs, the arrangement of the four songs of The Beatles for voice and accompaniment (1966)
De Materie, musical theater in 4 parts, for two soloists, two readers, eight voices and large ensemble (1984-89)
De Snelheid, for three amplified ensembles (1982-83, rev. 1984)
De Staat for four voices and large ensemble (text by Plato) (1972-76)
De Tijd for female chorus, percussion ensemble and orchestra (text by St. Augustine of Hippo) (1980-81)
De Volharding, for piano and winds (1972)
Disco, for Violin and Piano (1982)
Ende, for two recorders (one performer). 1981
Facing Death, for four amplified string instruments (1990)
Garden of Eros, for string quartet (2002)
Hoketus for ensemble (1975-76)
Hout for tenor saxophone, electric guitar, piano and marimba (1991)
Il Duce, for recording (1973)
Image De Moreau
La Commedia, opera (2004-08)
La Passion for female jazz voice, violin and small orchestra (text by Dino Campana) (2000-02)
M is for Man, Music, Mozart, for Jazz Vocalist and Ensemble (1991)
Mausoleum, for two high baritones and orchestra (1979, rev. 81)
Melodie for alto recorder (or other flute) and piano (1972-1974)
Nine Beethoven Symphonies for orchestra, pop group and an ice cream bell (1970)
Prelude in h-moll of the Well-Tempered Clavier by Johann Sebastian Bach, a treatment for String Quartet (2006)
Prospettive e Retrospettive for piano (1959)
Registers for piano (1963)
Series, for two pianos (1958)
Souvenirs d`enfance for piano (1954-1966)
String Quartet in two movements (1957)
Symphonie voor losse snaren for 12 strings (1978)
The Hague Hacking (2008)
The New Math (s), for voice, flute, violin, marimba and CD (2000)
Three Pieces for piano left hand (1961)
Three pieces from `The Memory of Roses` for piano (+ toy piano) (1992)
Trilogie van De Laatste Dag. I. (1996-97) for boy-soprano, four male voices and orchestra
Trilogie van De Laatste Dag. II. TAO (Der Weg), for four female voices, piano (vioce and koto) and small orchestra
Trilogie van De Laatste Dag. III. Dancing on the Bones (1996-97) for the children`s choir and orchestra
Triplum, for Guitar (1962)
Vermeer Pictures, Concert Suite from the opera Writing To Vermeer, for Orchestra (arr. by Clarck Randell) 2005
Woodpecker, for Solo Percussion (1999)
Workers Union for any loud-sounding group of instruments (1975)
Writing to Vermeer, opera (1997-99)
Zilver, for chamber ensemble (1994)
`The Death of a Composer: Rosa - A Horse Drama`, opera (1993-94)