Ainar Asmudsen

Ainar Asmudsen (Born 1989)
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20 views on spirituality
Albert Einschtein
ALTRI for flute, violin and piano
Another Work, which reveals the true causes and nature of envy of A. Shmurak (2012)
Anticipation of sonata-poem. 2011
At First Glance, this product is no pedophile, for orchestra, choir boys, a group of young dancers
Cantata for electronic records
Concerto for Piano, continuing the tradition of romance (2012)
Epiphanies (2013)
Evil Dance of Aliens (2012) memory proto-Slavs
Feelings of Good People
Fire Dances of Zoroastrians (2012) for synthesizer
From Dirty Macaque (2012) for piano
Happy New Year! (version for 2012)
Healing of Members of the Forum on the dislike for Tchaikovsky (2012)
I Love This World (2012)
I was full of Tenderness, violin concerto. 2012
I`m not looking, I am convinced for prepered piano, 2009
Khriplye dedovy bobiny
Lament- Protest against the Dominance of Anti-Art (2012) for the fourteen singers and thirteen gallows
Little Requiem for a Hot Composer`s Ideal (2012)
Look at Nastasia`s Birth (2012)
Ludomaniya (2012) an impromptu for midi drum kit samples
Maustofel and Fargarita
Music by which to judge the degree of musicianship of the author (2011)
Music for a really wide audience
Music in the Tibetan spirit to increase the number of brain convolutions (2012)
Music with a climax at the golden section
Music, stunning hearts
Noisy Music for Lowering the Status of the Person of any Gender (2012)
Norwegian Birches (2011)
Ode for Analogo-Patanom, for piano. 2012
One of the Expressions of the National Idea (any country) 2012
Plan of Allen Dulles
Poem of Emotions (2011)
Prelude 5 Soul, for violin and piano
Requiem for a Dream, for piano (2012), in seven parts
Restless Couch, for a psychoanalyst, writing tools and an imaginary patient (2012)
Seven calls to be honest and kind. 2012
Shmurak`s Circle. 2012
Subatomic Particles
Sun Laughs at All the Fuss (2012)
The Only Truly Authentic Music of Johann Sebastian Bach (2012)
The Whole Truth about God
To Elina (2013)
Violin Concerto 2 (2012)
What Is Axiology?
Whether Authentic Howling Reeds.
Wonderful children`s laughter
Wy-Wy for electronic records
Yotun Dance in a mortar of Baba Yaga, or how to properly repeated in the music
`Sorry, Aruki!`
`Tribute to Philip Glass` (2010) for prepared piano

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