Mily Balakirev

Mily Balakirev (1837–1910)
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(Glinka) Transcription of the romance `Venetian Night` for choir a cappella (1887) BM 83
A fantastic piece for piano BM.120
Arr. of Glinka`s opera `Ruslan and Lyudmila` - Chernomor´s March BM 86
Cadenza for Scherzo No.2 Op.31 by Chopin BM 69
Cantata for the opening of the monument to Mikhail Glinka for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1904) BM.140
Capriccio for Piano BM.121
Cavatina´s arr. of `String quartet No.13, Op.130` (1859) BM 35
Choir `Angel of the Screamers`, Valaam chant for Easter (1906) BM.158
Choir `Cherubic Hymn` for mixed voices (1880-90) BM 74
Choir `Christ is risen` for mixed voices (1884/1906) BM 80
Choir `Let thy soul rejoice` for mixed voices (1880-90) BM 73
Choir `Today on Reasonable Thrones` for mixed choir (1906) BM.156
Chorus `Bless my soul` for mixed voices (1906) BM.157
Chorus `It is worthy to eat` Kiev chant for mixed voices (1880-90) BM 75
Chorus `Let all flesh be silent` for mixed voices (1880-90) BM 76
Coda for Liszt´s `Mazurka brillante in F Minor S.221` BM 70
Concerto for piano and orchestra No.1 in fis-moll Op.1 BM 10 (op. 1)
Concerto for piano and orchestra 2 Es-dur op.Posth BM 44
Elegy on the Death of a Mosquito BM.111
Fandango-Étude BM 14
Fantasia on a theme of Glinka`s opera `Life for the Tsar` for piano BM 5
Grande Fantaisie on Russian Folksongs BM 2 (op. 4)
Hug and kiss me, romance BM 21
Hymn in honor of Grand Duke Georgy Vsevolodovich for choir a cappella (1889) BM 85
Hymn to the Russian Tsar (Prayer of the Russians) for choir a cappella (1899) BM.101
Impromptu for Violin and Piano (1874) BM 66
Impromptu on the Themes of Two Preludes by Chopin BM.159
La danse de sorcières BM.112
Mazurka for piano 3 in B minor BM 81
Mazurka for piano 4, G-flat major BM 82
Mazurka for piano 5 in D major BM.107
Mazurka for piano 7 in E flat minor BM.152
Mazurka for piano, 1, A-flat major BM 42
Mazurka for piano, 6, A-flat major BM.123
Mazurka 2 for piano in C sharp minor BM 43
Nocturne in G-sharp Minor BM.110
Nocturne 1 in B-flat minor for piano BM 98
Nocturne 2 in B minor for piano BM.114
Nocturne 3 in D minor for piano BM.119
Noveletta Piano BM.154
Octet for piano, flute, oboe, French horn, violin, viola, cello and double bass c-moll op.3 BM 11 (op. 3)
Overture on Spanish March BM 17 (op. 6)
Overture on themes of three Russian songs BM 20
Piano Sonata in B-flat minor (1905) BM.149
Piano Sonata in B-flat minor, Op. 3 (1855-56) BM 12 (op. 3)
Piano Sonata in B-flat minor, soch.5 BM 16 (op. 5)
Piece for piano in F-Sharp Minor (1851) BM 1
Polka for piano (1859) BM 34
Polonaise brillante BM 71
Rêverie for piano in F Major BM.135
Romance for Cello and Piano (1856) BM 13
Romance of the Piano Concerto 1 by F. Chopin BM.150
Romance `Above the Lake` (A. Golenishchev-Kutuzov) (1895) BM 88
Romance `Among the Flowers` (I. Aksakov) (1895) BM 96
Romance `Ascended to Heaven Clear Month` (M. Yatsevich) (1858) BM 24
Romance `Barcarol` (A. Arsenyev from Heine) (1858) BM 22
Romance `Burning Rosy Sunset` (V. Kulchinsky) (1896) BM 97
Romance `Cliff` (M. Lermontov) (1909) BM.166
Romance `Come to Me` (A. Koltsov) (1858) BM 29
Romance `Desert` (A. Zhemchuzhnikov) (1895) BM 89
Romance `Dream` (Lermontov) (1903) BM.137
Romance `Frenzy` (A. Koltsov) (1859) BM 33
Romance `From under the mysterious cold half mask` (M. Lermontov) (1904) BM.147
Romance `Georgian Song` (A. Pushkin) (1863) BM 49
Romance `How to adjust` (L. May) (1895) BM 95
Romance `I came to you with greetings` (A. Fet) (1904) BM.143
Romance `I Hear Your Voice` (M. Lermontov) (1863) BM 48
Romance `I Loved Him` (A. Koltsov) (1895) BM 92
Romance `Introduce me, oh, night` (A. Maikov) (1859) BM 31
Romance `Link` (V. Tumansky) (1855) BM 8
Romance `Look, my friend` (V. Krasov) (1904) BM.144
Romance `Lullaby` (A. Arsenyev) (1858) BM 23
Romance `Nocturne` (A. Khomyakov) (1895) BM 94
Romance `November 7, When we dug up the grave of the leader` (A. Khomyakov) (1904) BM.142
Romance `Old Man`s Song` (A. Koltsov) (1863) BM 47
Romance `Pine` (M. Lermontov from Heine) (1895) BM 93
Romance `Selim`s Song` (M. Lermontov) (1858) BM 30
Romance `Sleep` (A. Khomyakov) (1904) BM.148
Romance `So the soul breaks` (A. Koltsov) (1858) BM 28
Romance `Song of the Golden Fish` (M. Lermontov) (1860) BM 38
Romance `Song of the Robber` (A. Koltsov) (1857) BM 19
Romance `Song` (M. Lermontov) (1904) BM.146
Romance `Starless midnight breathed coolness` (A. Khomyakov) (1904) BM.141
Romance `The Dawn` (A. Khomyakov) (1909) BM.165
Romance `The Dream` (M. Mikhailov from Heine) (1865) BM 58
Romance `The Jewish Melody` (M. Lermontov from Byron) (1859) BM 32
Romance `The Knight` (C. Wilde) (1858) BM 26
Romance `The Melody` (Mei) (1903) BM.136
Romance `The Sea Does Not Foam` (A. Tolstoy) (1895) BM 90
Romance `The Spanish Song` (M. Mikhailov) (1855) BM 9
Romance `Well I Do Well ...` (A. Koltsov) (1858) BM 27
Romance `When carefree, child, you play` (C. Wilde) (1858) BM 25
Romance `When the Yellowing Niva Waves` (M. Lermontov) (1895) BM 91
Romance `Whisper, timid breath` (A. Fet) (1904) BM.145
Romance `Why` (M. Lermontov) (1860) BM 37
Romance `You are full of captivating bliss` (A. Golovinsky) (1855) BM 7
Scherzo 1 for piano in B minor (1856) BM 15
Scherzo 2 for piano in B flat minor (1900) BM.108
Scherzo 3 for piano in F-sharp major (1901) BM.117
Sonatina for Piano, `Sketches` (1909) BM.164
String Quartet No.8, Op.59 No.2 (Beethoven, arr. Balakirev for piano) (1862) BM 45
Suite for piano 4 hands (1850-60) BM 4
Suite from the arrangements of Russian folk songs BM.deest
Suite in B minor (1901-08) BM.163
Suite in D minor for orchestra by Chopin, op.11 BM.167 (op.11)
Svyshe prorottsy (1880-90) BM 72
Symphony No.1 in C-dur BM 59
Symphony No.2 in d-moll BM.162
Tamara, symphonic poem by Lermontov BM 78
Tarantella Piano BM.116
The `Wilderness Romance` (After 10 Songs No. 2) (1898) BM 89a
Thirty Russian folk songs for two pianos BM 99
Thy mouth, Troparion St. John Chrysostom tune of Valaam Monastery BM.155
Toccata for piano BM.128
Transcription for piano (2 hands) of the fantasy `Kamarinskaya` Glinka (1902) BM.129
Valse-Caprice 1 for Piano in A-flat major (according to S. Taneyev) BM.106/1
Valse-Caprice 2 for piano, D-flat major (according to S. Taneyev) BM.106/2
Waltz 2 for piano in F minor `Melancholic` BM.105
Waltz 3 for piano in D major `Valse-Impromptu` BM.115
Waltz 5 for piano in D-flat major BM.132
Waltz 7 for piano in G-sharp minor BM.151
Waltz 1 for piano in G major `Farce` BM.104
Waltz 4 for Piano in B-flat major `Concert` BM.122
Waltz 6 for piano in F-sharp minor BM.139
`Daisy` for piano BM.109
`Distaff` for piano BM.153
`Do not say`, Arr. M. Balakirev for piano BM.138
`Humoresque` for piano BM.134
`In Bohemia`, symphonic poem BM 60
`In the Garden` for piano BM 79
`Islam` oriental fantasy BM 62 (op.18)
`Jota Aragonesa` BM 56
`King Lear`, music to the tragedy of Shakespeare BM 41
`La fuite en Egypte`, Overture de H. Berlioz (1864) BM 54
`Lullaby` for iano BM.125
`On the Volga`, piece for piano 4 hands (1863) BM 50
`Rêverie`, Arr. M. Balakirev for piano BM.113
`Rus`, symphonic poem BM 52
`Skylark`. Processing songs by Mikhail Glinka (1864) BM 53
`Song of the Fisherman` for piano BM.133
`Song of the Gondolier` (`Barcarolle`) for piano BM.118
`Spanish melody` for piano BM.124
`Spanish Serenade` for piano BM.126
`Tyrolean` for piano BM.127

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