Mily Balakirev

MILY BALAKIREV (1837–1910)

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Romance of the Piano Concerto 1 by F. Chopin
Thirty Russian folk songs
Thirty Russian folk songs for two pianos
`In the Garden` for piano
`Daisy` for piano
`Skylark`. Processing songs by Mikhail Glinka
`Dreaming` for piano
`Spanish melody` for piano
`Spanish Serenade` for piano
`Lullaby` for iano
`Song of the Gondolier` (`Barcarolle`) for piano
`Song of the Fisherman` for piano
`Distaff` for piano
`Tyrolean` for piano
Thy mouth, Troparion St. John Chrysostom tune of Valaam Monastery
`Humoresque` for piano
`In Bohemia`, symphonic poem
`Islam` oriental fantasy
`King Lear`, music to the tragedy of Shakespeare
`Rus`, symphonic poem
Tamara, symphonic poem by Lermontov
Grande Fantaisie on Russian Folksongs
Waltz 1 for piano in G major `Farce`
Waltz 2 for piano in F minor `Melancholic`
Waltz 3 for piano in D major `Valse-Impromptu`
Waltz 4 for Piano in B-flat major `Concert`
Waltz 5 for piano in D-flat major
Waltz 6 for piano in F-sharp minor
Waltz 7 for piano in G-sharp minor
Valse-Caprice 1 for Piano in A-flat major (according to S. Taneyev)
Valse-Caprice 2 for piano, D-flat major (according to S. Taneyev)
Cantata for the opening of the monument to Mikhail Glinka for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1904)
Capriccio for Piano
Concerto for piano and orchestra No.1 in fis-moll Op.1
Concerto for piano and orchestra 2 Es-dur op.Posth
Mazurka for piano, 1, A-flat major
Mazurka 2 for piano in C sharp minor
Mazurka for piano 3 in B minor
Mazurka for piano 4, G-flat major
Mazurka for piano 5 in D major
Mazurka for piano, 6, A-flat major
Mazurka for piano 7 in E flat minor
Noveletta Piano
Nocturne 1 in B-flat minor for piano
Nocturne 2 in B minor for piano
Nocturne 3 in D minor for piano
Octet for piano, flute, oboe, French horn, violin, viola, cello and double bass c-moll op.3
Polka for piano
Hug and kiss me, romance
Romance for piano
Romances, songs
Symphony No.1 in C-dur
Symphony No.2 in d-moll
Scherzo 1 for piano in B minor (1856)
Scherzo 2 for piano in B flat minor (1900)
Scherzo 3 for piano in F-sharp major (1901)
Piano Sonata in B-flat minor (1905)
Piano Sonata in B-flat minor, Op. 3 (1855)
Piano Sonata in B-flat minor, soch.5
Sonatina for Piano, `Sketches` (1909)
Suite in D minor for orchestra by Chopin, op.11
Suite in B minor
Tarantella Piano
Toccata for piano
Overture on Spanish March
Overture on themes of three Russian songs
Fantasia on a theme of Glinka"s opera "Life for the Tsar" for piano
A fantastic piece for piano
Impromptu for Violin and Piano (1874)
Impromptu on the Themes of Two Preludes by Chopin