Samuel Barber

SAMUEL BARBER (1910–1981)
Samuel Barber (piano)

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Two Songs op.18
Two Chorus op.42
Two Choirs op. 8
Three Songs op. 2
Three Songs op.10
Three Songs op.45
Four Songs op.13
A Fadograph of a Yestern Scene op.44
A Stopwatch and an Ordnance Map , for male chorus & 3 timpaniop.12 op.12
Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)
Andromache`s Farewell, for soprano & orchestra op.39
Beggar`s Song
Capricorn Concerto op.21
Despite and Still op.41
Die Natali, Chorale Preludes for Christmas op.37
Dover Beach op. 3
Essay for Orchestra op.12
God`s Grandeur
Interlude I (For Jeanne) for Piano (1931)
Medea Ballet Suite op.23
Medea`s Meditation and Dance of Vengeance op.23a
Music for a Scene from Shelley op. 7
Mutations from Bach for brass and tympani
Nuvoletta op.25
Reicarnations op.16
Second Essay for Orchestra op.17
Souvenirs for Piano op.28
Third Essay for Orchestra op.47
Three Sketches for Piano (1923-24)
Toccata Festiva op.36
Under the Willow Tree
Knoxville: Summer of 1915 op.24
`The School for Scandal` Overture op. 5
`Wondrous Love`, Variations on a Shape-Note Hymn for organ op.34
`The Lovers` for baritone, chorus and orchestra (1971) op.43
`Hermit Songs` for voice & piano (1953) op.29
Excursions for piano op.20
Adagio for Strings op.11a
Cave of the Heart, ballet op.23
Ballade for Piano op.46
Song Cycle `Melodies passageres` op.27
Canzone for Flute and Piano op.38a
Canzonet for Oboe and String Orchestra
Cello Concerto in a-moll op.22
Violin Concerto op.14
Piano Concerto op.38
Summer Music op.31
Nocturne for Piano op.33
A Hand of Bridge, opera op.35
Antony and Cleopatra, opera op.40
Opera `Vanessa` op.32
Serenade for Strings op. 1
Symphony No. 1 (1936) op. 9
Symphony No. 2 op.19
Piano Sonata in E flat minor. 1949 op.26
Sonata for Cello and Piano op. 6
String Quartet op.11
`Prayers of Kierkegaard` (in four parts) op.30