Bela Bartok

BELA BARTOK (1881–1945)
Ten Easy Pieces (1908) BB 51
Fourteen Bagatelles for piano, op. 6 BB 50
15 Hungarian Folk Songs BB 79
Hungarian Folksongs BB 44
2 Pictures BB 59
Two portraits BB 48b
Two Romanian Folk Dances for piano BB 56
Two Elegies for Piano, op. 8b BB 49
Twenty Hungarian Folksongs, Vols. IIV, for voice and piano (1929) BB 98
27 Two-and Three-part Choruses, for childrens and female voices BB111
Three Burlesques BB 55
Three Hungarian Folksongs from Csik BB 45b
Three Rural Scene for female choir and chamber ensemble BB 87b
Three Pieces
Three rondos on Slovak folktunes BB 92
Three Etudes fo Piano, .18 BB 81
Hungarian folksongs / Magyar népdalok, for mixed choir, Sz.93, BB 99 BB 99
Songs BB 24
Four Dirges for piano, op.9a BB 58
4 Orchestral Pieces BB 64
Four Pieces for Piano BB 27
Four Slovak Folksongs BB 46
Slovak Folksongs (4) for Mixed Choir BB 78
Four old Hungarian folksongs BB 60
44 duets for two violins (1931) BB104
Hungarian Folksongs BB108
Five songs BB 72
Five Songs on Poems by Clara Gombossi and Wanda Gleyman BB 71
Slovak Folksongs (5) for Male Chorus BB 77
6 Romanian folk dances BB 68
Pieces from Mikrokosmos (7) (BB 105) BB120
Eight Hungarian Folksongs, for voice and piano (nos. 15: 1907; nos. 68: 1917) BB 47
Nine Little Pieces Sz. 82 BB 90
From Gyergyó BB 45a
Székely Folksong: `Piros alma` BB 34
Out of Doors for piano (1926) BB 89
Székely songs BB106
For Children, for piano, Vol. 1 BB 53
For Children, for piano, Vol. 2 BB 53
From Olden Times BB112
Contrasts, for clarinet, violin, and piano BB116
Petits morceaux BB 38
Microcosmos BB105
Village scenes / Falun / Dedinské scény, for female voice and piano Sz.78, BB 87a BB 87a
Allegro barbaro BB 63
`Wooden Prince`, ballet BB 74
Hungarian Folksong: Debrecennek van egy vize, for solo voice and piano Sz.109, BB deest Sz109
Hungarian Peasant Songs for Orchestra BB107
Hungarian folksongs [nos.1-10] / Magyar népdalok, for solo voice and piano BB 42
Hungarian Folksongs (2nd series), for voice and piano (nos. 110) (19061907) BB 43
Hungarian Folk Songs for Violin and Piano BB109
Hungarian Pieces BB103 / Sz 97
Divertismento for string orchestra BB118
Duo (1902) BB 26
Improvisation on the themes of Hungarian folk songs BB 83
Concerto for Viola and Orchestra BB128
Concerto for Two Pianos, Percussion and Orchestra BB121
Concerto for Orchestra BB123
Violin Concerto 1 BB 48a
Violin Concerto 2 BB117
Concerto for piano and orchestra 1 BB 91
Piano Concerto 2 in G-dur BB101
Piano Concerto 3 BB127
Kossuth Symphony BB 31
Petite suite (Little Suite) BB113
Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta BB114
Opera `Bluebeard`s Castle` BB 62
The Miraculous Mandarin BB 82
`Este` (Evening) for Voice and Piano BB 29
`Este` (Evening) for Male Chorus BB 30
Rhapsody for Cello and Piano BB 94
Rhapsody for Piano, op. 1 BB 36a
Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra BB 36b
Rhapsody No. 1 for Violin and Piano BB 94a
Rhapsody 1 for Violin and Orchestra (1928-29) BB 94b
Rhapsody 2 for Violin and Piano (1928, version of 1945) BB 96b
Rhapsody 2 for Violin and Orchestra BB 96
Romanian Folk Dances for Orchestra BB 76
Roumanian Christmas Carols Sz. 57 BB 67
Romanian Dance for Orchestra BB 61
Cantata Profana for tenor, barotine, choir and orchestra BB100
Scherzo (Burlesque) for piano and orchestra, op.2 BB 35
Scherzo from the Symphony in Es-dur BB 25
Scherzo or Fantasie BB 11
Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion BB115
Violin Sonata in e-moll BB 28
Sonata for Violin and Piano 1 in cis-moll BB 84
Sonata for Violin and Piano 2 in C major BB 85
Sonata for Violin solo BB124
Piano Sonata Sz. 80 (1926) BB 88
Sonatina for Piano (1915) BB 69
String Quartet 1, op. 7 (1908) BB 52
String Quartet 2, op. 17 (1915 - 1917) BB 75
String Quartet 3 (1927) BB 93
String Quartet 4 (1928) BB 95
String Quartet 5 (1934) BB110
String Quartet 6 (1939) BB119
Suite BB122
Suite for Orchestra 1 op.3 (version of 1905) BB 39
Suite for orchestra 2 op.4 (version of 1943) BB 40
Piano Suite BB 70
The Wooden Prince, suite BB 74b
The Miraculous Mandarin, Suite BB 82b
Dance Suite for Orchestra BB 86a
Dance Suite BB 86b
Transylvanian Dances for Orchestra BB102b
Transcriptions for piano
Marcia Funèbre (from Kossuth) BB 31b
3 Hungarian Folk Tunes BB 80b
Quintet for Piano and Strings BB 33
Parts of Works
Seven Sketches (Vázlatok) for piano, op.9b BB 54