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2 Songs by Emily for alto, English horn, strings (2009)
Three Night-Songs for flute and piano (1992)
3 Dances for bassoon, piano (2007-2017)
4 Canons in One Movement for four flutes (2002)
4 Movements for String Orchestra (1998)
5 Really Easy Pieces for bassoon and piano (2007/2017)
Agnus Dei for voice and piano (or organ) or 2 voices
Hodie Christus natus est for chorus (1996)
Martian for piano (2000)
Toccate revelazioni for organ (or piano, or harpsichord) (2006-2007)
Tuba mirum for horn (1996)
Én Junhum for voice solo (2000)
Fragmented bough, song cycle for vocal and piano (1993)
Happy Hornday To You! for 4 Horns (2007)
Honeypot and Forest Dance for bassoon, piano (2007/2017)
In paradisum for chorus (2017)
No Coward Soul Is Mine for mixed choir (SATB) (2014)
Pécs Pictures, 5 pieces for Large Symphonic Band (2010/2011)
Pange lingua for chamber choir or vocal group (2004)
Songs for Use for clarinet and two violins (2013)
Ut signaculum, two love songs for mixed chorus (2017)
In the garden the rose is born, tango for vocal and piano (2008/2014)
The Hilarious Man for Brass Quintet (1999)
Eternal Knot for viola solo (2007/2013)
Gateway to eternity for string quartet (2004-2006)
Time`s All-Severing Wave, concerto for viola and string orchestra (2010-15)
Where I am passing through... for piano (2013)
Girl danced into Death for mixed choir (1996)
Spirit of Europe for orchestra (2004)
Breathing through the Grass, concerto for flute and orchestra (2009/2018)
Zoo, 3 characteristic pictures for 2 bassoons and piano (2007-2017)
Game in Two Parts, 13 children`s choir (2010)
Toy for childrens choir, violin, triangle, piano (2010)
As if You Were... for female chorus (1993)
Quasi stellar for cello solo (1996-97)
The Contest of Flowers for girls` choir (2016)
Who Will Take Love for mixed choir (2013)
Moon-Spell for chorus (2017)
Mice and Cats, musical joke for string orchestra (2004)
Oh, My Life...for female chorus (1990)
Deer for mezzo-soprano and viola (2005)
Glare, concerto for violin, 3 violas, 3 cellos (2009)
The Steamer is going..., musical joke for vocal group (2014)
Last Word, elegy for soprano, alto and piano (1998/2017)
Celebration for orchestra (2012)
Tribute to Pau Casals for string orchestra (1998)
Farewell to the Little Good for mixed chorus (2011)
Psalm Lines for 4 soprano solos, 2 SATB choruses (2016)
Five-Color Journey, capriccio for orchestra with solo violin (2017-18)
Dawnsong, Fantasy on a Hungarian Folk Song for harp (2011)
Story about the suffering and death of the Son of Man for voices, chorus, 4 trombones (2016)
Il fiume di luce for 2 sopranos and 1 alto solos, mixed chorus (2015)
Rosetrees, 9 songs for soprano and piano
My mother`s rose tree for soprano, mixed chorus (SATB) (2012)
Ruins and Arches, quintet for 2 violins, viola and 2 cellos (2014-18)
Grey and White, Serenade for string trio (2006-12)
Sisters, scene for soprano and alto with piano (2018)
The Death of Griff for solo voice (2007/2013)
Lowliness for mixed chorus (SATB) (1996)
Maker of all, eternal King for mixed chorus (SATB) (2016)
The Shade of the Song, 15 children`s choir (1996)
Three and Half, waltz for string orchestra (2008)
The Black Raven for chorus (2016)
I bless you, with sorrow and merriment for mixed choir (SATB) (1994/2014)
I Hide Myself, songs on poems by Hungarian poets for vocal and piano (1997)
A Cheerful Soldier Song for chorus and piano (2017)
Doppelquintett for for two brass quintets (1998)
Rapsodia antica for viola, orchestra (1999/2010)
Duo Sonata for violin, cello (1995)
Bösendorfer, chamber opera (1988-2012)
Creative Connections, chamber opera (2013/2016)
Concerto da camera for harp and string quartet (1996-97)
Angelus, Cantata for child solo (or solos), children`s chorus (SA), 2 soprano recorders, strings (2014)
From the Stormy Centuries of the Hungarians, Cantata for baritone solo, mixed choir (SATB) and chamber orchestra (1999)
King Stephen`s Crown, cantata for tenor solo, mixed choir (SATB) and chamber orchestra (2001)
Love & Wine, cantata for chamber choir (SATB) and string orchestra (2002)
song of consolation, cantata for voices, chorus, orchestra (2013-14)
After Spring and Summer, cantata for baritone solo, chamber choir (SAB) and chamber orchestra (2003)
As Winter Approaches, cantata for tenor solo and chamber orchestra (1988-1989)
The Bird and the Lass, Cantata for soprano, alto, female choir, orchestra (1996)
The Songs of Christmas, cantata for children`s choir, choir and chamber orchestra (2000)
Lobgesang von Simeon, Cantata for bass, bass trombone and organ (2002)
Cantata on Poems by Bálint Balassi for chamber choir and chamber orchestra (2004)
Wind Quintet (1997-98/2009)
Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra (2000-2006)
Concertino for violin, violoncello and string orchestra (1998)
Suite concertante for solo cello, string orchestra (2008)
Concerto da ponte For flute and chamber orchestra (1998/2002)
Litany of Loreto for female voices and piano (1997/2015)
Madrigals of Passion and Wisdom for soprano solo, mixed chorus (2011/2015)
Little Festal Cantata for the Sunday before Christmas for 2 children`s voices, children`s chorus and Orchestra (1998)
Little Rhapsody for cello and piano (1996-97)
Hungarian Electra, opera (1998-2012)
Solomon`s Song of Songs, oratory (1994/2006)
Via Crucis, Oratorio (1993)
The butterfly, song for Voice and Piano (2014)
In Cabin`d Ships at Sea, song for mezzo-soprano, viola, cello (2013)
Pearl, song for voice and guitar (2010)
Summer Buzz, song for vocal and piano (1990/2017)
The Loveless, song for baritone and piano (2008)
The Rooster and the Fox, song tor mezzo-soprano, piano (1993)
With worn words, song for mezzo-soprano and piano (1995)
Slender Dafina, song for vocal and piano (1995)
Chocolate, song for soprano and piano (2010)
Evianne, song for baritone, piano (1994)
Edward, song for Voice and Piano (1994)
Song for Piano and Organ (1993-94)
Psalm song for child (girl) solo, mixed choir (SATB) and chamber orchestra (2006)
Psalmus 1 for Soprano solo, mixed chorus (SATB) (2012)
Psalmus 131 for mixed chorus (SATB) (2007)
Psalmus 23 for mixed chorus (SATB)
Psalmus 29 for female chorus (SMMA) (2005)
Psalmus 51 for Soprano solo, mixed chorus (SATB) (2007/2010)
Psalmus 6 for 2 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 mixed choruses (2014)
Psalmus 70 for mixed chorus (SATB) (2007)
Ragtime for 4 flutes (2002)
Symphony for orchestra (1999-2005)
Scherzo for cello or bassoon and piano (2005)
Sonata for cello and piano (2004)
Sonata for clarinet and piano (1995)
Sonata for piano (2000-2010)
String Quintet (2004)
Suite for Piano (1995)
Danse en Rondeau for organ (1993)
Japanese Songs for mezzo-soprano voice and string quarte (1999)