Luciano Berio

LUCIANO BERIO (1925–2003)
Luciano Berio (conductor, composer)

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6 Encores for Piano: No. 3 `Wasserklavier` (1965)
6 Encores for Piano: No. 5 `Luftklavier` (1985)
6 Encores for Piano: No. 6 `Feuerklavier` (1989)
A-Ronne, documentary radio play for five actors (the text Edoardo Sangvinetti) (1974-75)
Accordo, for 4 wind bands (1980)
Allelujah II, for five orchestra groups (1958)
Autre Fois (Lullaby-Canon for I. Stravinsky, 1971)
Brin (1990)
Calmo - in memoriam Bruno Maderna for mezzo-soprano and 22 instruments (1974)
Canticum Novissimi Testamenti, Ballata for four clarinets, saxophone quartet and vocal octet (1989)
Canzonetta (1991) for piano
`Chemins 2` for viola and nine instruments (1967)
Chemins III (sur `Chemins II`), for Viola, nine instruments and orchestra (1973)
`Chemins IV` (su `Sequenza VII`), for oboe and eleven string instruments (1975)
Circles for soprano, harp, and percussion
Concerto II - Echoing curves for piano and two ensembles (1989)
Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra (1973)
Continuo, for orchestra (1990)
Corale (su `Sequenza VIII`) per violino, due corni e archi (1980-81)
Coro, for forty voices and instruments (1976); extended 1977
Cries of London for eight voices
Differences for five instruments and tape (1959)
E vo for Soprano and Instruments
Ekphrasis (Continuo II) for orchestra. 1996
`El mar la mar` , for soprano, mezzo-soprano, and seven instruments with Rafael Alberti`s texts
Epifanie, for female voice and orchestra (1959-61, rev. 1965)
Epiphanies, for female voice and orchestra (1991)
Erdenklavie (1969)
Fa-Si, for organ (1975)
Formazioni for orchestra (1987)
Four Original Versions of Boccherini`s Ritirata notturna di Madrid
Gesti per flauto dolce (for recorder) 1966.
`Laborintus - 2` for 3-soprano, narrator, chorus and ensemble of instruments on the text Edoardo Sangvineti (1965)
Le grand Lustucru, a song by Kurt Weill in the treatment of Luciano Berio for voice and piano (1972)
Leaf for piano
`Linea` (1973), for two pianos, vibraphone and marimba
Naturale (su `Melodie Siciliane`) for viola, percussion, and tape recorder
Nones, for orchestra (1954)
`O King` (1968), for soprano and five instruments
Ofanim (1988-1997) Pour deux chours d`enfants, deux groupes instrumentaux, voix de femme et electronique en temps reel.
Opus number Zoo
Passaggio, mise en scene for soprano, double choir and orchestra (1961-62)
`Points on the curve to find...` for piano and 22 instrumentalists (1974)
Quatre dedicaces
Quattro versioni originali della `Ritirata Notturna` 1975
Quintet Opus Number Zoo
Recital I for Cathy for mezzo-soprano and 17 instruments. 1972
Rendering for Orchestra (1989-1990)
Ritorno degli snovidenia, per violoncello e piccola orchestra (1976-77)
Rounds for piano (1967)
`Serenata I` (1957), for flute and 14 instruments
Six Encores
Song of Sexual Slavery
Stanze (2003)
Surabaya Johnny, a song by Kurt Weill in the treatment of Luciano Berio for voice and piano (1972)
Thema (Omaggio a Joyce), electroacoustic music (1958-59)
Touch (1992) for piano
Voci, Folk Songs II, for Viola and two groups of instruments (1984)
`Lied` for clarinet solo (1983)
Chamber Music (1952)
Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra
Little Suite for piano
Folk Songs for Mezzo Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Cello, Harp and Percussion (1964, rev. 1976)
Opera (1969-70, rev. 1977)
Cronaca del luogo, opera (1999)
La Vera storia, opera (1977-78)
Outis, opera (1995-96)
Un re in ascolto, opera (1981-83)
Turandot, opera by Puccini. Final (2001)
Orchestra Transcription
Cinque variazioni (1953-66) for piano
Sequence 1 for flute (1958)
Sequence 2 for harp (1963)
Sequence 3 for soprano (1996)
Sequence 4 for piano (1966)
Sequence 5 for Trombone (1965)
Sequenza No. 6, for Cello (1981)
Sequence 6 for viola (1967)
Sequence 7 A for oboe (1969)
Sequent 7 B for the saxophone - soprano (1995)
Sequence 8 for violin (1976)
Sequence 9 A for Clarinet (1980)
Sequence number 9 B for Saxophone - Alto (1981)
Sequenza No. 9, for bass clarinet (1980)
Sequence 10 for trumpet and piano resonance strings (1984)
Sequences number 11 for the guitar (1987 - 88)
Sequence 12 for bassoon (1995)
Sequence 13 for accordion `Chanson` (1995)
Sequence 14 A for cello (2002)
Sequenza No. 14 B, for double bass (2003)
Symphony for eight voices and orchestra
Sonata for Piano
`Glosse` string quartet (1997)
Notturno, string quartet (1993)
`Sincronie` String Quartet (1964)
String Quartet `Un Quartetto` (1956)
Thirty-four duets for two violins
Parts of Works