Luciano Berio

Luciano Berio (1925–2003)
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34 duets for two violins
6 Encores for Piano
6 Encores for Piano: No 1. ` Brin` (1990)
6 Encores for piano: No. 2 `Leaf` (1990)
6 Encores for Piano: No. 3 `Wasserklavier` (1965)
6 Encores for Piano: No. 4 `Erdenklavier` (1969)
6 Encores for Piano: No. 5 `Luftklavier` (1985)
6 Encores for Piano: No. 6 `Feuerklavier` (1989)
A-Ronne, documentary radio play for five actors (the text Edoardo Sangvinetti) (1974-75)
Allelujah II, for five orchestra groups (1958)
Autre Fois (Lullaby-Canon for I. Stravinsky, 1971)
Calmo - in memoriam Bruno Maderna for mezzo-soprano and 22 instruments (1974)
Canticum Novissimi Testamenti, Ballata for four clarinets, saxophone quartet and vocal octet (1989)
Canzonetta (1991) for piano
Chamber Music (1952)
Chemins III (sur `Chemins II`), for Viola, nine instruments and orchestra (1973)
Cinque variazioni (1953-66) for piano
Circles for soprano, harp, and percussion
Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra (1973)
Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra
Concerto II - Echoing curves for piano and two ensembles (1989)
Continuo, for orchestra (1990)
Corale (su `Sequenza VIII`) per violino, due corni e archi (1980-81)
Coro, for forty voices and instruments (1976); extended 1977
Cries of London for eight voices
Cronaca del luogo, opera (1999)
Differences for five instruments and tape (1959)
E vo for Soprano and Instruments
Ekphrasis (Continuo II) for orchestra. 1996
Epifanie, for female voice and orchestra (1959-61, rev. 1965)
Epiphanies, for female voice and orchestra (1991)
Fa-Si, for organ (1975)
Folk Songs for Mezzo Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Cello, Harp and Percussion (1964, rev. 1976)
Formazioni for orchestra (1987)
Four Original Versions of Boccherini`s Ritirata notturna di Madrid
Gesti per flauto dolce (for recorder) 1966.
La Vera storia, opera (1977-78)
Le grand Lustucru, a song by Kurt Weill in the treatment of Luciano Berio for voice and piano (1972)
Lied, for clarinet solo (1983)
Little Suite for piano
Naturale (su `Melodie Siciliane`) for viola, percussion, and tape recorder
Nones, for orchestra (1954)
Notturno, string quartet (1993)
Ofanim, pour deux chours d`enfants, deux groupes instrumentaux, voix de femme et electronique en temps reel (1988-1997)
Opera (1969-70, rev. 1977)
Opus number Zoo
Orchestra Transcription
Outis, opera (1995-96)
Parts of Works
Passaggio, mise en scene for soprano, double choir and orchestra (1961-62)
Quatre dedicaces
Quattro versioni originali della `Ritirata Notturna` 1975
Quintet Opus Number Zoo
Recital I for Cathy for mezzo-soprano and 17 instruments. 1972
Rendering for Orchestra (1989-1990)
Ritorno degli snovidenia, per violoncello e piccola orchestra (1976-77)
Rounds for piano (1967)
Sequence number 9 B for Saxophone - Alto (1981)
Sequence 1 for flute (1958)
Sequence 10 for trumpet and piano resonance strings (1984)
Sequence 12 for bassoon (1995)
Sequence 13 for accordion `Chanson` (1995)
Sequence 14 A for cello (2002)
Sequence 2 for harp (1963)
Sequence 3 for soprano (1996)
Sequence 4 for piano (1966)
Sequence 5 for Trombone (1965)
Sequence 6 for viola (1967)
Sequence 7 A for oboe (1969)
Sequence 8 for violin (1976)
Sequence 9 A for Clarinet (1980)
Sequences number 11 for the guitar (1987 - 88)
Sequent 7 B for the saxophone - soprano (1995)
Sequenza No. 14 B, for double bass (2003)
Sequenza No. 6, for Cello (1981)
Sequenza No. 9, for bass clarinet (1980)
Serenata I (1957)
Sonata for Piano
Song of Sexual Slavery
Stanze (2003)
String Quartet `Un Quartetto` (1956)
Surabaya Johnny, a song by Kurt Weill in the treatment of Luciano Berio for voice and piano (1972)
Symphony for eight voices and orchestra
Thema (Omaggio a Joyce), electroacoustic music (1958-59)
Touch (1992) for piano
Turandot, opera by Puccini. Final (2001)
Un re in ascolto, opera (1981-83)
Visage (1961)
Voci, Folk Songs II, for Viola and two groups of instruments (1984)
`Chemins 2` for viola and nine instruments (1967)
`Chemins IV` (su `Sequenza VII`), for oboe and eleven string instruments (1975)
`El mar la mar` , for soprano, mezzo-soprano, and seven instruments with Rafael Alberti`s texts
`Glosse` string quartet (1997)
`Laborintus - 2` for 3-soprano, narrator, chorus and ensemble of instruments on the text Edoardo Sangvineti (1965)
`Linea` (1973), for two pianos, vibraphone and marimba
`O King` (1968), for soprano and five instruments
`Points on the curve to find...` for piano and 22 instrumentalists (1974)
`Serenata I` (1957), for flute and 14 instruments
`Sincronie` String Quartet (1964)
Accordo, for 4 wind bands (1980)

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