Franz Adolf Berwald

Franz Adolf Berwald (1796–1868)
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A Rustic Wedding, for four hand organ
Alina, Queen of Golconda (1864)
Andante-Allegretto, for Piano
Andantino in F-dur, for Piano
Bayaderes` Holiday, for orchestra (1842)
Con Spirito, for Piano
Concertino for Violin and Piano in a-moll (1859)
Concerto for 2 Violins and Orchestra in A-dur (1817)
Duet for Cello and Piano in B flat major (1857)
Duo Concertante for Two Violins in a-moll (1816)
Duo for Violin and Piano in d-moll (1858)
Echo, for Piano
Estrella de Soria, music for the play (1841)
Fantaisie pour la Melodique for Piano 1
Fantaisie pour la Melodique for Piano 2
Fantaisie pour la Melodique for Piano 3
Fantasia for Piano in two Swedish folk themes (1850)
Grand Septet in B-dur
Konzertstuck for Bassoon and Orchestra in F major (1827)
Memories of the Norwegian Mountains, for orchestra (1842)
Overture to `Drottningen av Golconda` (The Queen of Golconda)
Peregonki (1842)
Piano Concerto in D-dur
Piano Quintet in A-dur (incompleted, 1850)
Piano Quintet 1 in c-moll (1853)
Piano Quintet 2 in A-dur (1857)
Piano Trio in C-dur (1845)
Piano Trio in C-dur, 1850
Piano Trio in Es-dur, 1849
Piano Trio 1 in Es-dur (1849)
Piano Trio 2 f-moll (1851)
Piano Trio 3 in d-moll (1851)
Piano Trio 4 in C-dur (1853)
Playing Elves, for orchestra (1841)
Poco Allegro, for Piano
Polonaise for Piano 1
Polonaise for Piano 2
Polonaise for Piano 3
Polonaise-Bagatelle for Piano
Presto feroce, for Piano
Quartet for Piano and Winds in E Flat Major, Op. 1
Romance and Scherzo for Piano
Rondo Bagatelle for Piano
Scherzo for Piano
Serious and Playful Fantasies for orchestra (1842)
String Quartet No.3 in Es-dur (1849)
String Quartet 1 in g-moll (1818)
String Quartet 2 in a-moll (1849)
Symphony No.1 in g-moll Serieuse
Symphony No.2 in D-dur Capricieuse
Symphony No.3 in C-dur Singuliere
Symphony No.4 in Es-dur Naïve
Tempo di Marcia, for Piano
Theme and Variations for Piano No. 1
Theme and Variations for Piano No. 2
Theme and Variations for Piano No. 3
Theme with variations for violin and orchestra (1816)
Triumphal march for pianoforte 1
Triumphal march for pianoforte 2
Une Plaisanterie, for Piano
Valce for Piano
Violin Concerto in cis-moll (1820)
Wettlauf (Foot-Race): Etude for String Orchestra
`Battle of Leipzig` (Slaget vid Leipzig) (1828)

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