Alexander Bilash

Alexander Bilash (1931–2003)
A good song is always young, song
A song about late love
A song from the far side
A word about a native mother, song
And he loved me, romance for vocal and piano
Anguish, romance
Autumn kiss, romance
Autumn Leaves
Autumn rose, romance
Barcarolle for piano
Be my dream, romance
Blackberry, romance
Blizzard, romance
Bridges were burned between us, romance
Chestnuts Fall on the Brook
Chimes are beating, song
Cranberry, song
Crane cranes, song
Crane, song
Cranes, song
Crawling boots, song
Dedication, romance
Do not be afraid of my gray hair, song
Do not grieve, song
Do not wait for reproach, romance
Do you know how a linden rustles?, romance
Doll dance for piano
Don`t tell anyone, romance
Drop by drop, song
Duma of the homeland, song
Evening lyric Song
Farewell romance
Fight for bread, song
Flag of Ukraine, song
Foal, song
Forgive me, romance
Gold reconciliation, song
Good morning, romance
Hawthorn with white wings, song
Honey night, romance
Horse Riders March for piano
Hutsul Easter egg for piano
Hymn to Good for Choir
I have Ukraine, song
I lived in such times, song
I was destined, romance
Indian Summer, romance
It will snow here tomorrow, romance
Kupavushka, song
Letters, romance
Life began with love, romance
Lilac flowers, song
Love me, romance
Love returns, romance
Love Ukraine for choir
Love, ballad
Lullaby for Piano
Lullaby for the little Kievite
Maple Alley, romance
Meditation for piano
Melodia, song
Mermaid, romance
Merry rain, romance
Midnight romance
Moldavanochka/Moldavian Girl
Mother`s heart, song
Mulberry, romance
My heart burns, romance
My love, romance
My you, romance
Olesia, song
On the smelling silver of hay, song
Over my Boryspil, song
Over the years, song
Partisan springs, song
Polka for Piano
Poppy in the mountains bloomed, song
Post war song
Prayer for music, song
Remember, song
Requiem for piano
Roosters, song
Sagebrush, song
Scherzo for Piano
Scythian gold, romance
Sons, song
Spring Forty-fifth, song
Spring, song
Storks fly home, song
Swallow, song
Tarantelle for piano
Thank you, teacher, to you, song
The bandura song
The first lily of the valley, romance
The grass smells like bread, song
The kingdom of heaven, song
The sun leaves golden, romance
Thorn scarf, song
Trousillas, song
Two Colors, song
Ukraine`s proud destiny, song
Under your window, romance
Valse-boston for piano
Viburnum in rye, song
We are leaving the fair, song
We curse Taras, song
When sorrow, romance
White Acacia, romance
White birch in rainbow, romance
Worlds to us, mother, song
You are Ukrainian, Ukraine, song