Harrison Birtwistle

Harrison Birtwistle (Born 1934)
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... agm ... for 16 voices and 3 instrumental ensembles (1979)
An Interrupted Endless Melody (1991) for oboe and orchestra
Angel Fighter for chamber chorus, tenor, countertenor and ensemble (2010)
Bach Measures, for ensemble (or chamber orchestra, 1996)
Bogenstrich Meditations on a poem of Rilke for baritone, violoncello and piano
Carmen arcadie mechanicae perpetuum
Chronometer, electronic music (1971-72)
Donum Simoni MMXVIII (A Gift for Simon 2018), for orchestra (2018)
Earth Dances (1986)
Fields of Sorrow, for two sopranos, chorus and ensemble (1972)
For O, for O, the Hobby-Horse is Forgot, Ceremony for six percussionists (1976)
Gawain, opera
Gigue Machine, for piano (2011)
Hoquetus David, processing of motet by Guillaume de Machaut for sextet (1969)
In Broken Images (2011)
Keyboard Engine (2017/18)
Love Song of Dina and Nick, for the three English horns and harp.
Machaut a ma maniere, processing of works by Guillaume de Machaut for Orchestra (1988)
Melencolia I, for Clarinet, Harp and two string orchestras (1976)
Meridian, for mezzo-soprano, two female choirs and instruments (1970-71)
Nenia: The Death of Orpheus for soprano, 3 bass clarinets, crotales and piano (1970)
Nine Settings of Lorine Niedecker for soprano and violoncello
Nomos (1968)
Ostinato with Melody for piano (2000)
Panic (1995) for alto saxophone, brass and percussion
Punch and Judy, opera
Ritual Fragment for chamber orchestra (1990)
Secret Theatre for chamber ensemble (1984)
Semper Dowland, semper dolens
Silbery air
Slow frieze (1996) for paino and ensemble
Sonance Severance 2000, for orchestra (2000)
The Axe Manual for piano and percussion (2000)
The Corridor
The Cure, opera (2014-15)
The Io Passion, opera
The Last Supper, opera
The Mask of Orpheus, opera
The Minotaur, opera
The Perpetual Song of the Mechanical Arcadia (1977) for 14 instruments
The Second Mrs Kong, opera
The Triumph of Time for orchestra (1971)
Theseus Game for large ensemble with two conductors (2002)
Three Bach Arias, Rrocessing of the three arias by Johann Sebastian Bach for soloists and ensemble (2003-04)
Three Bach Fugues, Processing of the three fugues by Johann Sebastian Bach (`Art of Fugue`) for string quartet (2008)
Three Settings of Lorine Niedecker for soprano and violoncello
Tragoedia (1965)
Trio for violin, violoncello and piano
Ut heremita solus, processing of motet by Johannes Ockeghem for sextet (1969)
Verses for Ensembles, for three instrumental ensembles (1968-69)
Violin Concerto (2010)
Virelai (Sus une fontayne)


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