Felix Blumenfeld

Felix Blumenfeld (1863–1931)
Élégie for Cello and Piano op. 19/1
24 Preludes, (1892) op.17
A Cliff, Romance op. 5, 2
A moment of sadness for piano op.49/2
Allegro de concert in A major (1889) op. 7
Badinage for piano op.49/1
Ballade in the form of variations for piano op.34
Barcarolle for piano op.38/4
Brilliant Waltz in B Major for Piano op.22, 2
Capriccioso for cello and piano op. 19/2
Chimes, Suite for Piano op.40
Concert Etude op.24
Danse for piano op.53/1
Do I hear your voice, Romance op. 5, 3
Ecstasy, Romance op.15, 6
Elegiaco for piano op.37/1
Elegy, Romance op.15, 5
Etude op.54
Etude for Piano op.14
Etude for Piano op.36
Etude for Piano op. 2/1
Etude Fantasie op.25
Etude Fantasie op.48
Etudes for Piano op. 2
Etudes for Piano op. 3
Etudes for Piano op.29
Etudes for Piano op.44
Evening for piano op.21/2
Four Preludes, (1890) op.12
Fragments caracteristiques. Two Pieces for Piano op.33
From the Life of a Dancer, Suite for Piano op.52
I do not regret you, my spring years, Romance op.15, 3
Impromptu (1898) op.28
In Memory of the Dear Departed, Symphony in c-moll (1906) op.39
La fontaine for piano op.38/6
Le Soir, for Piano op.21, 2
Leave Me! op. 9, 2
Lento for piano op.38/3
Lilea, Romance op.15, 4
Lyrical Suite for Piano op.32
Mazurka de concert for piano op. 2/4
Mazurka for piano op.22/1
Mazurka in A Flat Major for Piano op.22, 1
Mazurka in B Minor for Piano op.11
Moment de desespoir, for Piano op.21, 1
Moment of despair for piano op.21/1
Mountain Peaks, Romance op. 1, 2
Mournful Memories for piano op. 2/2
Mysterious Blue Shadows op. 9, 3
Near the Water for piano op. 38/1
Nocturne in E Flat Minor for Piano op. 6, 2
Nocturne-Fantasia in E Major for Piano op.20
Parting, Romance op.15, 2
Patetico for piano op.37/2
Polish Suite 1 for Piano op.23
Polish Suite 2 for Piano op.31
Postludium for piano op.53/2
Quasi Mazurka for piano op. 2/3
Race for piano op.21/3
Serenade, Romance op.15, 1
Six Pieces for Piano op.38
Sonata Fantasia in B Minor for Piano op.46
Spring. Suite of four Romances op.41
String Quartet in F Major op.26
Ten lyrical fragments for piano op.27
The abandoned island for piano op.38/2
The Gate of the Holy Monastery op. 9, 1
Three Mazurkas for Piano op.35
Three Nocturnes for Piano op.51
Two dramatic passages for piano op.50
Two Impromptus (1890) op.13
Two Impromptus (1912) op.45
Two lyrical fragments for piano op.47
Two Pieces for Cello and Piano op.19
Two Pieces for Piano op.37
Two Pieces for Piano op.53
Une Course, for Piano op.21,3
Une nuit a Magaratch, Nocturne in E Major for Piano op. 6, 1
Valse brillante for piano op.22/2
Valse-Impromptu (1892) op.16
Variations for Piano op. 8
Waltz - Etude op. 4
Weeping willows for piano op.38/5