Alexandre Boely

Alexandre Boely (1785–1858)
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24 pieces for piano (24 pièces diverses pour piano), 1st suite op. 20/1
24 pieces for piano, 2nd suite op. 20/2
30 Caprices for piano op. 2
Allegretto in B Minor for Organ op. 18/10
Allegretto in C Major for Organ
Allegro for Organ in F Minor op. 18/ 7
Allegro in b-moll for piano op. 49/2
Allegro moderato in Es-dur for organ op. 18/12
Andante for Organ in B Minor op. 18/ 4
Andante for Organ in C Major op. 18/ 5
Andante for Organ in E Minor
Andante for Organ in G Major op. 18/ 2
Andante in Es-dur for organ op. 18/ 1
Canon for Organ in B Minor op. 18/ 3
Canon for Organ in E Minor op. 18/11
Caprice in A Flat Major for Piano op. 7
Fantasy and Fugue in B-dur for organ op. 18/ 6
Fantasy for Organ op. 57
Fantasy for Piano in E Flat Major op. 21
Fugetta in D Minor for Organ
Fugue in C Minor for Organ
Gigue in a-moll for piano op. 54/11
Interlude in E Major for Organ
Largetto in C Minor for Organ (Recit de Hautbois)
Larghetto in cis-moll for organ op. 43/8
Moderato in D-dur for piano op. 50/4
Moderato molto legato in fis-moll for piano op. 46/12
Offertory in D Minor for Organ
Pange lingua op. 41/13
Piano Sonata No.1 in c-moll op. 1
Piano Sonata No.2 in G-dur op. 2
Scherzo in B Major for Organ op. 18/ 9
Six Noels for organ op. 15
Six Romances op. 19
Srting Trio in D-dur op. 5/2
String Quartet in E Flat Major op. 28
String Quartet in G Major op. 29
String Quartet No. 4 in E Major op. 30
String Quartet No.1 in a-moll op. 27
String Trio in D Major op. 5/1
String Trio in G Minor op. 5/3
Suite for Organ in C Minor op. 12/1-4
Suite for Organs in G Minor op. 12/5-10
Suite for piano No.4 `In the style of the old masters` (Dans le style des anciens maîtres) op. 16
Tempo moderato in es-moll for piano op. 52/11
Three Preludes for Organ
Toccata in h-moll for organ op. 43/13
Trois Melodies for cello with organ WoO

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