Mel Bonis

Mel Bonis (1858–1937)
A Song without Words op. 29
Adoro te, Motet
Au crepuscule, for Piano (1922) op.111
Ave Maria for mezzo-soprano / baritone and organ (1904) op. 68
Ave verum
Ballad for Piano (1896) op. 27
Barcarole in E Flat Major for Piano op. 71
Barcarole-Etude for Piano op. 43
Cantabile (moderato) for organ op. 95
Cantique de Jean Racine
Carillon mystique, for Piano op. 31
Echo, piece for piano (1910) op. 89
Gai Printemps, Impromptu for Piano op. 11
Il pleut, for Piano (1913) op.102
Impromptu for Piano (1881) op. 1
La Cathedrale blessee, for Piano op.107
La Chanson du Rouet, for Piano op. 24
Le chat sur le toit, Nocturne for Voice and Piano
Le Moulin op.191
Les Gitanos, Waltz for Piano
L`Oiseau bleu op. 74
Madrigal for voice and piano op. 53
Marionnettes, for Piano op. 42
Mazurka in B Flat Minor for Piano
Meditation for cello and piano (1898) op. 33
Melisande, for Piano op.109, 5
Melisande, piece for piano (1922) op. 34
Minuet for Piano op. 14
Narcisse, piece for piano (1910) op. 90
O Salutaris, Motet
Omphale, for Piano op. 86
Orientale, Waltz for Piano op. 32
Papillons, for Piano op. 28
Pavane, Saraband and Burre for Piano
Pensees d`automne, for Piano (1894) op. 19
Phoebus, piece for piano (1909) op. 30
Piece for flute and piano (1880s?) op.189
Prelude (Monsieur Marmontel) for piano (1901) op. 51
Prelude for Piano, op. 10
Pres du ruisseau, for Piano op. 9
Quartet for Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello in D Major 2 op.124
Quartet for Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello 1 in B flat major op. 69
Rondo dans le genre ancien op. 7
Salome, for Piano (1909) op.100
Sarabande for Piano (1909) op. 82
Scenes enfantines, Eight Pieces for Piano op. 92
Scherzo (finale) for flute and piano (part of a lost composition) op.187
Scherzo for 2 pianos op. 40
Serenade for cello and piano (1899) op. 46
Sevilliana, for Piano (1928) op.125
Six Pieces for Piano, four hands op.130
Six waltzes-caprices for piano 4 hands (1911) op. 87
Sonata for Cello and Piano in F Major op. 67
Sonata for flute and piano in c sharp minor (1904) op. 64
Sonata for violin and piano in f sharp minor (1911)
Song without Words for Piano (1905) op. 56
Suite dans le style ancien (Suite in the old style) (1928) - for clarinet, flute, violin and piano op.127
Suite en forme de valses op. 35
Suite en trio op. 59
Tambours et clairons, for Piano op. 25
Tantum ergo, Motet
Trio for piano, violin and cello op. 76
Variations for two Pianos op. 85
Viennoise, for Piano op. 8