Dmitriy Bortniansky

Dmitriy Bortniansky (1751–1825)
About Flowers
Alcido, opera (1778)
Amen. Fugue for Choir and Strings (1760?)
Anthem Singer in the Camp of Russian Soldiers, the poem by V. Zhukovsky (1812)
Blagoslovi Gospod, yako uslusha Glas, Russian sacred music
Blessed is the man who always fears the LORD,
Cherubic Hymn 7 for chorus
Cherubim Song 1 for chorus
Cherubim Song 2 for chorus
Cherubim Song 3 for chorus
Cherubim Song 4 for chorus
Cherubim Song 5 for chorus
Cherubim Song 6 for chorus
Concert 2 `Triumph today`
Concert 26, `Lord, God of Israel`
Concerto for Harpsichord and Orchestra in D Major
Concerto No.10 Sing to God, Sing Praises
Concerto No.16 `Lift Thee, my God, my King`
Concerto 15 `Come, Let us sing, ye people`
Concerto 17 `If Your villages beloved`
Concerto 22 `The Lord, my education`
Concerto 24 `Lifted up my eyes`
Concerto 25 Do not Keep Silent ever Virgin
Concerto 30 `Hear, O God, my voice`
Concerto 31 `All Languages`
Concerto 32 `Tell them, Oh Lord, the end of mine`
Concerto 34 `Let the God resurrect`
Concerto 4 Joyful Noise unto the Lord all the Earth
Creon, opera (1776)
Cupid with Wings
Ecco quel fiero istante. Canzonetta for Soprano and Strings (1770)
Falcon, opera
Festival of Lord, Overture to the opera
Gatchina March for 2 Oboes, 2 Horns and Bassoon in C Major (1787)
Glory in the highest to the God
Good-bye, Good-bye
Great Canon
Gryadi ot Livana nevesto, Russian sacred music
Helper and protector
How glorious is our Lord in Zion
Hymn to the Moon
In Convertendo, Motet for soprano, alto, baritone and chamber orchestra
Ismene believes me
Kontakion of Christmas festivities `Today the Virgin`
La féte du signeur, opera (1786)
Le fils rival, ou La moderne Stratonice, opera (1787)
Let My Prayer Arise
Many Years
Montes vales resonate. Motet for Soprano, Alto, Choir and Orchestra (1778)
Motet `Lob, Preis und Dank sei dir` for chorus
Poor Cowboy
Quintet for piano, harp, violin, viola da gamba and cello (1787)
Quintus Fabius , Suite from the opera (1778)
Quintus Fabius, opera (1778)
Reche Gospod, Russian sacred music
Romance of Paul and Virginia
Romance of the beautiful Tirsis
Sacred concerto No. 3 `Gospodi! Siloyu Tvoeyu vozveselitsya tsar`, Russian sacred music
Salve Regina, Motet for Soprano and Orchestra (1776)
Save Me, Mother of God, Virgin
Silent, Concerto for two Four-Voice Choirs
Sinfonia Concertante in B flat major (1790)
Sing, ye people
Sonata allegro in B flat major for clarinet, viola and basso continuo
Sonata allegro in F major for viola, two horns and basso continuo
Sonata F-dur (1784?)
Sonata 1 B-Dur (1784?)
Sonata 2 C-Dur (1784)
Spiritual Concert 12. God, I will sing you a new song
Spiritual Concert 13 Rejoice in God, Our Helper
Spiritual Concert 20. I hope in Thee, O Lord
Spiritual Concert 29. I am praising the name of my God with song
Spiritual Concert 7 `Come, let us rejoice the Lord`
Spiritual Concert 9. This is the day, it is created, the Lord
Spiritual Concert 14. I will belch my heart with the word good
Suite from the musical drama "Alcide"
Sunset, Russian military march
The concert No. 23 `Blazheny ljudie, vedushchii voskliknovenie`, Russian sacred music
The concert No. 27 `Glasom moim ko Gospodu vozzvakh`, Russian sacred music
The concert No. 35 `Gospodi, kto obitaet v zhilishchi Tvoem`, Russian sacred music
The concert No. 5 `Uslyshit tya Gospod v den pechali`, Russian sacred music
The concert No. 8 `Milosti tvoya, Gospodi, vo vek vospoyu`, Russian sacred music
Under your mercy
Vas orner le sein de Themire. Aria for Soprano and Strings (1778)
Vospoite Gospodevi, vospoite pesn novu, Russian sacred music
Vskuyu priskorbna esi dushe moya, Russian sacred music
We Worship the Power of Love for chorus
Worthily it is
Your Abode for chorus
Zhivyi v pomoshchi Vyshnyago, v krove Boga Nebesnogo, Russian sacred music
`Thee God we praise` for two choirs and orchestra
Ave Maria Es-dur