Frank Bridge

FRANK BRIDGE (1879–1941)

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2 Pieces for Viola and Piano (1905): 1. Pensiero in F minor H. 53/1
3 Idylls for String Quartet (1906) H. 67
A Dedication for piano
A Sea Idyl
Dramatic Fantasia (1906)
Etude Rhapsodique (1905)
Fairy Tale Suite
Go Not, Happy Day
Hidden Fires for Piano
In Autumn
Lament for two Violas
Miniature Pastorals, Set 2
Miniature Pastorals, Set I
Oration (Concerto Elegiaco for Cello and Orchestra)
Part of composition
Pensée Fugitive
The Hour Glass
Three Improvisations
Three Poems
Vignettes de Marseille
Winter Pastoral for piano
Adoration, based on poems by John Keats (1918)
Berceuse, based on poems by D. Wordsworth (1901)
Blow out, you bugles, based on poems by R. Brooks (1918)
Day after day, based on poems by Tagore, R. (1922)
Mantle of blue, based on poems by Colum P. (1926)
Speak to me, my love! lyrics by R. Tagore, 1924
Thy hand in mine, based on poems by Coleridge, (1923)
Where she lies asleep, based on poems by M. E. Coleridge (1914)
Witch, for baritone and orchestra (1902)
There is a Willow Tree over the Stream ... for chamber orchestra (1927)
Death Wish, for string orchestra (1936)
Isabelle, Symphonic Poem. 1907
Carnival Procession in London, Suite for wind orchestra (1911)
`Lullaby` for Orchestra (1928)
Royal Variety Show in the Night, Epilogue for orchestra (1934)
`Summer`, a poem for symphonic orchestra (1914)
Prayer, for chorus and orchestra (1916-1918)
Norwegian Legend for Chamber Orchestra, 1938
Song of Hope, for orchestra (1902)
Midnight, Symphonic Poem. 1903
Enter Spring - Rhapsody (1927)
Rebus, Overture for orchestra (1940)
Speech, Elegiac Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (1930)
Rosemary, for chamber orchestra (1906)
`Ripe cherry`
`Sir Roger de Koverli` Christmas Dance (1922-1923) H.155
Dancing Vignettes, for chamber orchestra (1938)
`Phantasm` Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra (1931) H.182
Allegro Appassionato for Viola and Piano in h-moll (1908) H. 82
Allegro moderato for string orchestra (1940-41)
Arabesque for Piano
Waltz-Intermezzo for Strings (1902)
Two Intermezzo (1938)
Two songs by Robert Bridge (1905-1906)
Two Poems for Orchestra. 1915
Two Old English Songs, 1916
Canzonetta (1926) H.169
Canzonet for chamber orchestra (1926)
Capriccio for piano 1
Capriccio for piano No. 2
Coronation March for orchestra (1911)
Song `Love went a-riding`
Five Intermissions for Orchestra (1910)
Serenade for Orchestra (1903) H. 23
Cello Sonata in d-moll H.125
Violin Sonata (1932) H.183
Violin Sonata in Es-dur (1904) H. 39
Piano Sonata (ca. 1921-25) H.160
String Quartet in B-dur (1900) H. 3
String Quartet No. 1 in e-moll `Bologna` (1906) H. 70
String Quartet No. 2 in g-moll (19141915) H.115
String Quartet No. 3 (1925-26) H.175
String Quartet No. 4 (1937) H.188
String Quintet in e-moll (1901) H. 7
Suite for Orchestra "Sea"
Suite for String Orchestra (1909-1910)
Dance Poem for Orchestra (1913)
Dance Rhapsody for Orchestra (1908)
Three Pieces (1913) H.108
Phantasy Quartet - for Piano Quartet in fis-moll (1910) H. 94
Piano Trio 2 (19281929) H.178
Piano Quartet in c-moll (1902) H. 15
Piano Quintet in d-moll (19041905) H. 49a
Four Characteristic Pieces (1917) H.126