Yuri Butsko

Yuri Butsko (1938–2015)
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Adagio for Cello & Strings
Cantata No 2 `Ode to a revolution`
Cantata No 4 `Mayakovsky for children`
Cantata no 7 `Metamorphoses`
Cantata No. 1 Evening. 1962
Cantata No. 3 `Wedding Songs` (1964)
Cantata No. 6 `Liturgical chant `(1982)
Cello Concerto No. 2 `Ricercar` (1979)
Chamber symphony No 1 `Holy song`
Chamber symphony No 2 `Ode to memory of revolution`
Chamber symphony No 3 `Chirch poem`
Chamber symphony No 4 `Spring motifs`
Concerto for cello & orchestra No 1 (Symphony-concerto No 1)
Concerto for viola & orchestra no 2 `Thoughts about war and peace`
Concerto for viola and orchestra No 1 `Ekloga`
Concerto No 1 for piano and orchestra (Concertino)
Eukharistical canon
From the Letters of the Artist, opera. 1978
Lacrimosa, for string orchestra. 1982
Large organ book (2003): 1.Prélude
Large organ book: 2.Toccata
Large organ book: 3.Interlude
Large organ book: 4.Pastorale
Large organ book: 5.Mouvement perpétuel
Large organ book: 6.Passacaille
Large organ book: 7.Dythirambe
Large organ book: 8.Postlude
Large Organ notebook (2003)
Opera `Diary of a Madman` (1964)
Opera `Venedictov or Golden triangle`
Opera `White Nights` (1968)
Oratorio No. 2 `Pesnoslov` (2003)
Partita for cello solo
Partita for Piano (1965)
Parts of compositions
Pastorale. For oboe and piano (1975)
Pastorales for piano
Piano cycle `From a diary` Volume 2
Piano Cycle `From the Diary`: Book First (19902007)
Piano Cycle `From the Diary`: Book Four `Twelve Holidays` (19902007)
Piano Cycle `From the Diary`: Book Three `Road to Home` (19902007)
Piano Sonata in four fragments (1972)
Piano trio #2 `Chemin a la rencontre`
Piano trio No 1 (1975)
Piano Trio 3 `Of the days of my youth` (2002)
Piano Trio 4 `Angel of Desert`
Polyphonic Concerto for four keyboards (1970)
Prelude, Dyphyramb, Postlude for organ (1965)
Road laments for choir
Russian suite
Second Large Organ notebook (`Russian Images, Paintings, Legends, True Stories and Fables`, 2010): 1 - `Morning, Dawn, Cry of the Alkonost`
Second Large Organ notebook: 4-5 - `Noon, Presentiment of the Thunderstorm`/`The Thunderstorm`
Second Large Organ notebook: 6 - `Russia of the Vagrants for Christs sake`
Second Large Organ notebook: 7 - `Painful Narration (in memory of Maria Rasputina)`
Second Large Organ notebook: 8 - `The Devils Swamp: Seduction`
Second Large Organ notebook: 9 - `Evening, Sunset: Calling for Vespers`
Second Large Organ notebook: 2 - `The Bewitched Place`
Second Large Organ notebook: 3 - `Singing, coming from the Church`
Simphony-Recitative 4 (`Rus ukhodyashchaya`, I, 1986)
Sonata for cello & piano
Sonata for viola & piano
Sonata for Violin and Piano (1975)
Sonata for violin and piano No 2 `Lament`
Sonata No 2 `Dithyramb` for piano solo
Sonata 1 for two pianos `Musica tripartita` (1974)
Sonata 2 for two pianos (1974)
Song cycle `Solitude` a on poems by V. Khodasevich (1966)
String quartet no 2
String quartet no 3
String quartet No 6
String Quartet No. 7
Symphonie-concerto No 2 Transfiguration` for violin, cello & orchestra
Symphony for String Instruments (1965)
Symphony No 2 `Symphony in 4 movements`
Symphony 3 (1976)
Symphony-Epilogue No. 6 (`Rus ukhodyashchaya`, III, 1993)
Symphony-suite No 4 `Folk Russia`
Symphony-Suite No. 1 `Old Russian Painting` (1970)
Symphony-Suite 2 `From the Russian antiquity` (1982)
Symphony-Suite 3 `Lord Novgorod The Great` (1987)
Tale about Boris and Gleb for choir
Ten Scenes from a silent film
The Canon of the Angel Terrible (2009)
The six scenes from the poem `The Twelve` A.Blok (1953)
Three choirs from suite `Veliky Novgorod`
Violin Concerto No. 2 Lamentation. 1982
Violin Concerto No. 3. 1997
Violin Concerto 4 (2005)
`Artist`s Life` - Capriccio for Piano, Strings and Percussion (2004)
`Invitation to the Waltz` - Concerto for String Orchestra (1996)
`Lisistrats` Musical scenes after Aristophan
`Trio-Quintet (Es muss sein) `, for piano, two violins, viola and cello (1970)
The Tale of the Pugachev Rebellion for the reader, soloists, choirs, orchestra and organ (1969)


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