Yuri Butsko

Yuri Butsko (1938–2015)
Adagio for Cello & Strings
Cantata No 2 `Ode to a revolution`
Cantata No 4 `Mayakovsky for children`
Cantata no 7 `Metamorphoses`
Cantata No. 1 Evening. 1962
Cantata No. 3 `Wedding Songs` (1964)
Cantata No. 6 `Liturgical chant `(1982)
Cello Concerto No. 2 `Ricercar` (1979)
Chamber symphony No 1 `Holy song`
Chamber symphony No 2 `Ode to memory of revolution`
Chamber symphony No 3 `Chirch poem`
Chamber symphony No 4 `Spring motifs`
Concerto for cello & orchestra No 1 (Symphony-concerto No 1)
Concerto for viola & orchestra no 2 `Thoughts about war and peace`
Concerto for viola and orchestra No 1 `Ekloga`
Concerto No 1 for piano and orchestra (Concertino)
Eukharistical canon
From the Letters of the Artist, opera. 1978
Interview of Y. M. Butsko on Radio Orpheus (2012)
Lacrimosa, for string orchestra. 1982
Large organ book (2003): 1.Prélude
Large organ book: 2.Toccata
Large organ book: 3.Interlude
Large organ book: 4.Pastorale
Large organ book: 5.Mouvement perpétuel
Large organ book: 6.Passacaille
Large organ book: 7.Dythirambe
Large organ book: 8.Postlude
Large Organ notebook (2003)
Opera `Diary of a Madman` (1964)
Opera `Venedictov or Golden triangle`
Opera `White Nights` (1968)
Oratorio No. 2 `Pesnoslov` (2003)
Partita for cello solo
Partita for Piano (1965)
Parts of compositions
Pastorale. For oboe and piano (1975)
Pastorales for piano
Piano cycle `From a diary` Volume 2
Piano Cycle `From the Diary`: Book First (19902007)
Piano Cycle `From the Diary`: Book Four `Twelve Holidays` (19902007)
Piano Cycle `From the Diary`: Book Three `Road to Home` (19902007)
Piano Sonata in four fragments (1972)
Piano trio #2 `Chemin a la rencontre`
Piano trio No 1 (1975)
Piano Trio 3 `Of the days of my youth` (2002)
Piano Trio 4 `Angel of Desert`
Polyphonic Concerto for four keyboards (1970)
Road laments for choir
Russian suite
Second Large Organ notebook (`Russian Images, Paintings, Legends, True Stories and Fables`, 2010): 1 - `Morning, Dawn, Cry of the Alkonost`
Second Large Organ notebook: 4-5 - `Noon, Presentiment of the Thunderstorm`/`The Thunderstorm`
Second Large Organ notebook: 6 - `Russia of the Vagrants for Christs sake`
Second Large Organ notebook: 7 - `Painful Narration (in memory of Maria Rasputina)`
Second Large Organ notebook: 8 - `The Devils Swamp: Seduction`
Second Large Organ notebook: 9 - `Evening, Sunset: Calling for Vespers`
Second Large Organ notebook: 2 - `The Bewitched Place`
Second Large Organ notebook: 3 - `Singing, coming from the Church`
Simphony-Recitative 4 (`Rus ukhodyashchaya`, I, 1986)
Sonata for cello & piano
Sonata for viola & piano
Sonata for Violin and Piano (1975)
Sonata for violin and piano No 2 `Lament`
Sonata No 2 `Dithyramb` for piano solo
Sonata 1 for two pianos `Musica tripartita` (1974)
Sonata 2 for two pianos (1974)
Song cycle `Solitude` a on poems by V. Khodasevich (1966)
String quartet no 2
String quartet no 3
String Quartet No. 7
Symphonie-concerto No 2 Transfiguration` for violin, cello & orchestra
Symphony for String Instruments (1965)
Symphony No 2 `Symphony in 4 movements`
Symphony 3 (1976)
Symphony-Epilogue No. 6 (`Rus ukhodyashchaya`, III, 1993)
Symphony-suite No 4 `Folk Russia`
Symphony-Suite No. 1 `Old Russian Painting` (1970)
Symphony-Suite 2 `From the Russian antiquity` (1982)
Symphony-Suite 3 `Lord Novgorod The Great` (1987)
Tale about Boris and Gleb for choir
Ten Scenes from a silent film
The Canon of the Angel Terrible (2009)
The six scenes from the poem `The Twelve` A.Blok (1953)
Three choirs from suite `Veliky Novgorod`
Violin Concerto No. 2 Lamentation. 1982
Violin Concerto No. 3. 1997
Violin Concerto 4 (2005)
`Artist`s Life` - Capriccio for Piano, Strings and Percussion (2004)
`Invitation to the Waltz` - Concerto for String Orchestra (1996)
`Lisistrats` Musical scenes after Aristophan
`Trio-Quintet (Es muss sein) `, for piano, two violins, viola and cello (1970)
The Tale of the Pugachev Rebellion for the reader, soloists, choirs, orchestra and organ (1969)

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