Alfredo Casella

Alfredo Casella (piano)

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Eleven Childrens` Pieces, for piano (1920) op.35
Due Canzoni Popolari Italiane, for piano (1928) op.47
Two Ricercari on the name B-A-C-H for piano (1932) op.52
Five Pieces for String Quartet op. 34 (1920) op. 34
Six Etudes for Piano (1942-44) .70
Nine pieces for piano (1914) op.24
A la Maniere de (1st Series) (1911) op.17
A la Maniere de (2nd Series) (1914) op.17 bis
A Notte Alta, Poema Musicale for piano (1917) op.30
Berceuse triste (1909) op.14
Ciaccona - Elaboration for orchestra after J. S. Bach
Cocktail`s Dance, for piano (1918)
Concerto for Piano, Strings, Timpani, and Percussion Op. 69
Deux contrastes for piano (1916-18) op.31
Divertimento per Fulvia (1940) op.64
Elegia Eroica 1916) op.29
Inezie, for piano (1918) op.32
Introduzione, Aria e Toccata per Orchestra (1933) op.55
Introduzione, corale e marcia Op. 57
La giara, symphonic suite from the ballet, op.41b (1924)
La rosa del sogno (balletto romantico in un atto) Op. 66
La sera fiesolana Op. 37
La sera fiesolana, for tenor and piano, after G.D`Annunzio (1923)
L`Adieu à la vie, 4 funeral songs for voice and chamber orchestra da camera, after R. Tagore translated by di A. Gide, op.26b (1915)
L`orso azzurro for chamber orchestra
Missa solemnis pro pace, for 2 solo vv, choir and orchestra op.71 (1944)
Notte di Maggio (A Night of May) for voice and orchestra after G. Carducci, op.20 (1913).
Notturno e tarantella Op. 54
Notturno for violin and piano (transcr. for cello & piano, 1929-1931)
Pagine di guerra, per pianoforte a quattro mani. 1915 op.25
Quattro favole romanesche Op. 38
Ricercare sul nome Guido M. Gatti for piano (1942)
Sacred Songs for Baritone and Small Orchestra Op. 67
Scarlattiana, divertimento su musiche di Domenico Scarlatti, for piano & orchestra op.44 (1926)
Serenata for clar, bsn, tpt, vln & cello (1927) Op. 46
Serenata per Piccola Orchestra (1930) op.46bis
Sicilienne et Burlesque for flute and piano (1914) op.23
Sonata a tre for piano trio Op. 62
Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 2 in C major Op. 45
Sonata for cello and piano Nr.1, op.8
Sonata for piano, violin and cello after G.B.Sammartini (1934)
Tarantella for violin and piano (transcr. for cello and piano, 1929-1931)
Tre canzoni trecentesche Op.36
Variations sur une chaconne for piano (1903) op. 3
Barcarola (1910) op.15
Italy. Rhapsody for Orchestra (1909) op.11
Cello Concerto (1934-35) op.58
Concerto Romano for Organ, Brass, Timpani and Strings (1926) op.43
Concerto for Orchestra Op. 61
Violin Concerto in a-moll, 1928
Triplo Concerto for violin, cello and piano (1933) op.56
Concerto for Strings (1923) op.40
Concerto for piano, timpani, percussion and string orchestra (1926) op.43
pera `La Favola d`Orfeo` op.51
La Donna Serpente (1928-31) op.50
Pavane for piano (1902) op. 1
Paganiniana. Divertimento per Orchestra (1942) op.65
Partita for piano and chamber orchestra (1924/1925) op.42
Sarabande for piano (1908) op.10
Symphony op.53
Symphony No.2 in C minor (1908-9) op.12
Symphony 3 (1939-40) op.63
Sinfonia, Arioso e Toccata for Piano (1936) op.59
Sicilian Dance for Violin and Piano
Harp Sonata (1943) .68
Sonatina for piano (1916) op.28
Toccata for piano (1904) op. 6