Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

Mario Castelnuovo`Tedesco (1895–1968)
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24 Capriccios Goya (selected pieces)
24 Caprichos de Goya op.195
A Midsummer Nights Dream, Op. 108 op.108
Alghe (Sea Piece No 2) for piano (1919) op. 12
Antony and Cleopatra, Op. 134 op.134
Ballade for Violin and Piano op.107
Cantico for Piano op. 19
Cello Concerto in g-moll op. 72
Cello Sonata (1928) op. 50
Chant hébraïque (arr. for cello and piano by Gaspar Cassado) (1928) op. 53
Cielo di settembre (September sky), for Piano op. 1
Cipressi for Piano (1920) op. 17
Concertino for Harp and Chamber Orchestra (1938) op. 93
Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra No. 2 in C major op.160
Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra 1 in D-dur op. 99
Concerto for Two Guitars and Orchestra op.201
Concerto Italiano for Violin and Orchestra op. 31
Corali (3) su melodie ebraiche for piano op. 43
Crinoline - Suite for piano (1929) op. 59
English Suite for Piano or Harpsichord (1909)
Escarraman, suite of Spanish dances from the 16th century op.177
Evangélion, the Story of Jesus narrated to the children - 28 pieces for piano (1949) op.141
Fantasia for Guitar and Piano op.145
Giulio Cesare (Julius Caesar), Op. 78 (1934, a Bernardino Molinari) op. 78
Greeting Cards: 1. Volo d`Angeli op.170/1
Greeting Cards: 5. Tonadilla on the Name Andres Segovia op.170/5
Il mercante di Venezia (The Merchant of Venice), Op. 76 op. 76
Il racconto dinverno (The Winters Tale), Op. 80 (1935, a Clara) op. 80
Kol Nidre `Meditation` (1941)
La bisbetica domata (The Taming of the Shrew), Op. 61 op. 61
La sirenetta e il pesce turchino (Sea Story) for Piano (1920) op. 18
Le Danze del Re David - for Piano (1925) op. 37
Le Stagioni for piano op. 33
Les guitares bien temperees (separate preludes and fugues) op.199
Les guitares bien temperees - 24 preludes et fugues pour deux guitares (1962) op.199
Mi-La for Piano (a Massimo Mila) op. 67
Much Ado about Nothing, Op. 164 (1953, to Robert Whitney and to The Louisville Orchestra) op.164
Notturno sul`acqua (1935) op. 82/1
Overture `As You Like It` (1953) op.166
Overture `Coriolan` (1947) op.135
Overture `King John` (1941) op.111
Overture `La dodicesima notte` (Twelfth Night) op. 73
Paraphrase on Rossini`s `Largo al factorum` from opera `The Barber of Seville`
Parts of compositions
Passacaglia for guitar op.180
Passatempi - 5 Little Waltzes for Piano (1928) op. 54
Piano Concerto No. 1 in G Major (1927) op. 46
Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Major (1937) op. 92
Piano Quintet 1 (1932)
Piano Quintet 2 (1939)
Piano Sonata (1928) op. 51
Piano Trio 1 in G-dur (1928) op. 49
Piedigrotta - Neapolitan Rhapsody for Piano op. 32
Prelude and Fugue (Fuga elegiaca) for guitar duo op.211
Questo fu il carro della morte - for piano (1913) op. 2
Quintet for Guitar and String Quartet op.143
Rondo for guitar op.129
Scherzino (1935) op. 82/2
Sonata for Guitar `Omaggio a Boccherini` op. 77
Sonatina Canonica for two guitars op.196
Sonatina for Cello and Piano (1946) op.130
Sonatina for flute and guitar op.205
Sonatina Zoologica op.187
Songs of Shakespeare (Book VIII): 3 `Two maids wooing a man`
Tarantella op. 87b
The Lark
Toccata for Cello & Piano (1935) op. 83
Tre prelude mediterranei op.176
Valse on the name of Gregor Piatigorsky
Variations a travers les siecles (1932) op. 71
Variations plaisantes sur un petit air populaire op. 95
Violin Concerto No.2 `I profeti` (1931) op. 66
`Alt-Wien` - rapsodia viennese for piano op. 30
`Appunti`, book 1: The intervals op.210/1
`Appunti`, Book 2, The rythms. Part 1: Dances from the 17th & 18th century op.210/2.1
`Appunti`, Book 2: The rythms. Part 2: Dances of the 19th century op.210/2.2
`Appunti`, Book 2: The rythms. Part 3: Dances of the 20th century op.210/2.3
`Appunti`, book 3: The figurations op.210/3
`Capriccio Diabolico` for guitar op. 85a
`Figaro`, Fantasia for Violin and Piano on a theme from Rossini`s opera `The Barber of Seville`
`I sonnambuli` - variazioni fantastiche op. 47
`Orange Flower` op. 87a
`Platero y yó` for Narrator & Guitar op.190
`Rosina`, Fantasia for Violin and Piano on a theme from Rossini`s opera `The Barber of Seville`
`Sea Murmurs`
`Violetta`, Fantasia for Violin and Piano on a theme from Verdi`s opera `La Traviata`

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