Emmanuel Chabrier


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3 romantic waltzes for two pianos
Six Melodies (1890)
Air de Ballet
Cinq Morceaux Posthumes for Piano
Cortege Burlesque, for four-hand piano
Petits Morceaux Faciles for Piano
Prelude Et Marche Franqaise
Souvenir De Brunhaut
Souvenir De Munich
Souvenirs de Brunehaut, Grande valse for piano (1862)
Souvenirs de Munich, Quadrille for piano 4 hands (1886)
To the music for Soprano, Female Chorus and Orchestra
Rhapsody `Spain` (1883)
Ode a la musique for Soprano and Female Choir
Ballad of big turkeys for voice and piano (1892)
Burlesque procession for piano 4-hands
Villanelle of the little ducks for Voice and Piano (1889)
Round country for piano
La sulamite, cantata for Mezzo-soprano, Female Chorus and Orchestra (1884)
Caprice for piano (1889)
Capriccio for piano (1883/1914)
Largetto for Horn and Orchestra (1875)
feuillet d`album
Petite Valse for Piano
Marche des Cipayes for piano (1863)
All flowers, melodie for Voice and Piano (1889)
Love Credo, melodie for Voice and Piano (1883)
Disrespectful summation, melodie for Voice and Piano (1880)
An invitation to travel, melodie for Voice and Piano with Bassoon ad. lib. (1870)
The happy island, melodie for Voice and Piano (1889)
Your blue eyes, melodie for Voice and Piano (1883)
Cicadas, melodie for Voice and Piano
Briséïs, opera (189394)
Opera `Gwendoline` (1886)
The star, opera (1877)
Opera `Le Roi malgre lui` (1887)
peretta `Une éducation manquée`
Pastoral pink pigs for Voice and Piano (1889)
Prélude pastoral
Suite pastorale for orchester
Chanson pour Jeanne (1886)
Nose in the wind, song for Voice and Piano (1886)
Pieces pittoresques
Joyeuse Marche (Happy March)
Happy march for Orchestra (1888)
Suite de Valses
Aubade for piano (1883)
Bourree fantasque
Parts of Works
Impromptu for piano