Victor Copytsko

Victor Copytsko (conductor, piano, synthesizer, vocal)

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Gloria for instrumental trio (1989, version of 2010)
Largo, for Voice and Orchestra, poems by Olga Sedakova (2011)
Lento per Leni for String Orchestra (2011, 2016 version III)
Missa Brevis. Piano Sonata. 1976
SYMPOSIUM (The Party). Soundtrack of dramatic performance by Plato-Tirons (2015)
`Third China Trip `, a chamber cantata (1998)
Buona notte, Federico!.. (1996)
`The Black Lady of Nesvizh` (2000)
Bolnichnaya tetrad/Hospital Notebook (1974-75)
Vseslav Charodei. 2002
Lived-there was a tree...: director: Vladimir Petkevich (1996)
Testament, The Second Music for tape (2012)
Testament, a piece for two performers and tape (2012)
Play Chekhov. 1987
`History of statira` scene for chamber ensemble and female choir (in honor of Benedict Erofeev, 2007)
`The Prince Vytautas` (1997)
When I lie awake... Passacaglia (1978)
Music for the Meeting of Mary and Elizabeth, chamber cantata (2002-2003)
Musical Puppy (1990 cimbalom solo version)
Song Without Words for Cello and Piano, 2013 (Memory of AFGD)
`The Cry of Isolde`, the aria for soprano and chamber orchestra (1983)
Time, my friend, it`s time!/Pora, moi drug, pora, (lyrics by A. Pushkin) 1977
Marianne`s Whim (based on the play by Alfred de Musset, 1997)
My grandmother`s chest. Book 1 (1983-2011)
My grandmother`s chest. Book 2 (2011)
Three Knives of the Country Way (on the play by H.Martinson, 1992)
`At the Iakov Well` Pastoral Cantata (2014-2016)
`Hedwig `(2008)
Adagio for Adolph (1989)
Biblical Scenes in 5 parts (1989-92)
Vechernee penie/EVENING SINGING. 2007
Two Chants in memoriam A. Men. 1990
Two Poems by F. Tyutchev (1978, 2001)
Two Courantes. 1990 (1733 Anonymous Codex )
Two pieces from the cycle `By Van Gogh` for piano (1974)
Divertimento for cymbals and prepared piano (1976)
Forgotten Waltz (2011) Piece for Piano
Drinking (The Last Song, 1982)
Signs (1992)
We are playing and singing. Sonata da camera, six parts, 2010
Canzone (1984, version for violin and piano - 1998)
Canzona for Oboe and Piano (1984, 2011)
Capriccio for two voices and percussion ensemble (1986-1996)
Quintet (2015)
Lullaby, Fantasy for Chamber Ensemble. 1993-94
Concerto for Keyboard and Orchestra, three parts, 2012
Chamber music concert of Victor Kopytko (01/05/1995)
Courante for harp solo (2013, anonymous Slavic collection of the XVIII century))
Little Belorussian Book. 2004
Little Christmas Serenade / Eine kleine Weihnachtmusik (2010)
Little Symphony in 5 parts (1985)
Mashkin Dom (1998-99)
Mass in honor of St. Francis (1981-1994)
The Moon (1993)
Music of the Great Sabbath (2006-2009)
Of wisdom, sadness and joy (1984)
Arbat Songs. 1988
Girl, Come on Bread (1980-81), opera
His Wifes, opera (1988)
A Song for four double basses (1995)
Somebody Writes a Letter (2000, 2005)
Dedication. 1998-99
Pososhok na Dorozhku (1989)
Conversions (Little Pieces for Chamber Instrumental Ensemble, 2007)
Prelude and Chorale for Vasilisa (1980)
Invitation or New Divertimento (1982-2012)
Offering I, cantata for soloists, chamber orchestra and choir in distanza. The texts of the Holy Scriptures and the Belarusian folklore (2006; my father`s memory)
Offering II Cantata for female voice and chamber orchestra. The text of the Holy Scriptures (2006; memory of Dmitry Rozhdestvensky)
Offering III, a cantata for the quartet of soloists, chamber orchestra and choir in distanza to texts from Scripture (2006-2007; for Natasha)
Continues Letter (1998-2011)
Five Bagatelles for Michael Puhberg (2004)
North Wind (1992)
Serenade for Chamber Ensemble (1998)
Symphony of Four Flutes. 2008
Starinny tanets/Old Dance. 2006
Dragonfly and Ant (2010)
Strings of St. Francis (1994, 2003)
Syutsai from Ishuya (1982-83)
Three Poems by Osip Mandelshtam (1977)
Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Marimba (2016)
French Fantasy (1986; 2002-2003)
Six poems by A. Pushkin. 1977-79
ELEGY IN MEMORY Veniamin Basner (1996)
Elegy of memory Arrigo Boito (2000)