Yohann Baptist Cramer

Yohann Baptist Cramer (1771–1858)
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11 Variations on Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen for piano (1799)
12 Grandes Études mélodiques for piano op.107
16 New Studies for piano op. 81
2 Sonatas for Piano and Violin
24 Préludes for piano op. 96
24 Salon Etudes in the Classical Style for piano
24 Salon-Etuden op.101
26 Préludes for piano
3 Keyboard Trios op. 5
3 Nocturnes for piano op. 94
3 Sonatas for Piano and flute/violin with piano
36 Préludes mélodiques for piano op. 91
4 Divertimentos for piano, tambourine & triangle ad lib. op. 17
Adagio in D major for piano
Adagio in F major for piano
Air Anglo-Calédonien varié for piano
Air Venetien for piano
Both Styles, pieces fantastique for piano op. 97
Capriccio sur des Airs favoris des operas `Figaro et Don Juan` by Mozart for piano op. 64
Capriccio sur le canon de Antonio Salieri opera `Axur` for piano op. 73
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1 in E Flat Major (1792) op. 10
Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 3 in D major (circa 1796) op. 26
Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 6 in E flat major op. 51
Concerto for pianoforte and orchestra 4 in C major op. 38
Divertimento No.8 with Military Rondo for iano (ca. 1809) M.7.14
Fantasia on opera `The Conquest of Mexico` for piano
Grand Duet for Two Piano Fortes or a Piano Forte and a Harp op. 24
Grand March in E-flat major for piano or harp
Hommage a Mozart
Impromptu in D-flat major for piano op. 93
Introduction et Rondo for piano op. 66
Knights May Woo and Ladies Listen, song for vocal and piano (1826) M.11.4
Les Parisiennes Études for piano
Little things, Divertimento for piano
L`Ambigu, Divertisement for piano
Marche Turque for harp or piano
Mazurka a la Rondo for piano
New Practical School for piano (1844) op.100
Notturno for Piano op. 54
Piano Concerto No.2 in d-moll op. 16
Piano Concerto No.5 in c-moll op. 48
Piano Concerto No.7 in Es-dur op. 56
Piano Concerto No.8 in d-moll op. 70
Piano Quartet in E-flat major
Piano Quartet No.2 in E-flat major op. 35
Piano Quintet in B-dur op. 79
Piano Quintet `Amicitia` in E major (1823) op. 69
Piano Sonata in a-moll (1813) op. 53
Piano Sonata in B-dur (1811) op. 58/2
Piano Sonata in B-flat major op. 50
Piano Sonata in D major (1795) op. 7/1
Piano Sonata in D-dur op. 25/2
Piano Sonata in d-moll (1821) op. 63
Piano Sonata in E-dur (1818) op. 62
Piano Sonata in E-dur (1824) op. 69
Piano Sonata in E-flat major (1801) M.2.063
Piano Sonata in e-moll (1817) op. 59/3
Piano Sonata in Es-dur op. 25/1
Piano Sonata in Es-dur op. 25/3
Piano Sonata in F major op. 47
Piano Sonata in F-dur (1811) op. 74
Piano Sonata in f-moll op. 27/1
Piano Sonata in G-dur `La gigue` op. 39/3
Piano Sonatina in C major (1826) M.3.09
Six petites Etudes pour le Piano forte op. 55
Sonata for Piano 4 hands No.2
Sonata for Piano in D Minor `Grande` (ca. 1800) op. 20
Studio per il pianoforte op. 50
The Dream of Rousseau, Varié for piano
The Return of Spring, Divertissement for piano
Variations on a Saxon Air for piano


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