Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf

Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf (1739–1799)
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3 Ovid Sonatas for Fortepiano 4 Hands: 1. Ajax et Ulysse
3 Ovid Sonatas for Fortepiano 4 Hands: 2.Hercule changé en Dieu
3 Ovid Sonatas for Fortepiano 4 Hands: 3.Jason, qui emporte la toison d`or
Cello Concerto
Concert Symphony for Viola, Double Bass and orchestra in D-dur
Concerto for Double bass and Orchestra in E-dur
Concerto for Double Bass and orchestra No.1 D-dur
Concerto for Double Bass and orchestra No.2 D-dur
Concerto for Harp and Orchestra in A-dur
Doctor and Pharmacist, opera (1786)
Esther, oratorio (1773)
Harpsichord Concerto in G-dur
Oboe Concerto in A-dur L. 43b
Oboe Concerto in C-dur L. 39
Oboe Concerto in C-dur L. 24
Oboe Concerto in C-dur L. 40a
Oboe Concerto in D-dur L. 25b
Oboe Concerto in G-dur L. 42
Parts of Works
Requiem in c-moll (1784)
Sinfonia in B Flat Major Grave Eb9
Sinfonia in D Major Grave D 6
String Quartet No.1 in D-dur
String Quartet No.2 in B-dur
String Quartet No.3 in G-dur
String Quartet No.4 in C-dur
String Quartet No.5 in Es-dur
String Quartet No.6 in G-dur
String Quintet No.1 in A-dur
String Quintet No.3 in C-dur
String Quintet No.6 in G-dur
Symphomy in C-dur `Capture of the Bastille`
Symphony (after Metamorphoses of Ovidius) No.2 in D-dur: Fall of Phaeton
Symphony (after Metamorphoses of Ovidius) No.21 in C-dur: Four centuries of peace
Symphony (after Metamorphoses of Ovidius) No.3 in G-dur: The transformation of Actaeon into a stag
Symphony (after Metamorphoses of Ovidius) No.4 in F-dur: Rescue of Andromeda by Perseus
Symphony (after Metamorphoses of Ovidius) No.5 in A-dur: The transformation of the Lycian peasants into frogs
Symphony (after Metamorphoses of Ovidius) No.6 in D-dur: Petrification of Phineus and His Friends
Symphony in A major: Sinfonia in the Taste of Five Nations Grave A10
Symphony in A-dur Grave A 6
Symphony in a-moll
Symphony in a-moll Grave a 2
Symphony in D major: The Battle of the Human Passions Grave D16
Symphony in g-moll Grave g2
Viola Concerto in F-dur
Violin Concerto in G-dur

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