Georgi Dmitriev


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Four Choirs, lyrics by I. Annensky
Six Choirs on the Russian poets` poems
Percussionata. For a single performer on metal percussion instruments (1978).
Stabat Mater Dolorosa
Nicolo, for Violin and Piano
Apostle of the Truth
Fraternal Songs
Violin Voices. Song cycle for tenor, violin and percussion on poems by A. Blok (1982).
Tale of Bygone Years (The Primary Chronicle)
Kitezh Rises from the Bottom
I also loved in olden days, for Bass and Piano, poems of M. Lermontov
Prophet, a Vocal Cycle for Baritone and Piano, poems by M. Lermontov
Sacred Signs
Symphony of Faces
Old Russian Legends
`Stenka Razin`, cantata for mezzo-soprano, baritone, soundtracks and percussion ensemble (1989).
Harp Of Seraph, a Vocal Cycle for Baritone and Piano
Songs of Paladin: a Vocal Cycle for Tenor and Piano, poems of A. Blok, 18 parts
Sunday Liturgical Singing (according to the order of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom) for Soloists and Mixed Choir (two choirs) without accompaniment to the Canonical Texts in 22 parts
Two Songs for Baritone and Piano, poems of A. Koltcov
Testament of Nikolai Gogol for narrator, soloists and mixed chorus unaccompanied, in 11 parts, the texts of Nikolai Gogol and the canonical texts
Icon. Meditative music for one performer on metal percussion, and 48-voice support.
Stabat Mater Dolorosa. Cantata for Mezzo-Soprano, Two Choruses, Organ, Guitar and Percussion Instruments
Moralizing Stories for Bass and Piano
Sainted Hermogenes, Opera-Oratorio
Songs about Children and for Children: 58 Choral and Vocal Mniatures `This Bright World of Childhood!`
Reverend Savva Iegumen
Shoemaker. Parable for Baritone (Bass) and Piano for verses by A. Pushkin
Three Romances for Baritone and Piano, poems of M. Lermontov
Taras Bulba at the Stake: Epic Fresco for Soloists, Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra