Victor Eijkhout


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Fifteen-second Symphony for 4 recorders
Four Rhythmic Studies for Recorder Quartet (2016)
Deelish for 10 recorders
Double, Double, Toil and Treble for Four Alto Recorders
Gloop for 10 tenor recorders
Las Vacas for 8 recorders
No Bun Funk for 4 recorders (2016)
None for 6 recorders
Piper on the Ramparts at Dawn for For Alto Recorder and Optional Continuo
Prime for 6 recorders
The Visitor from Afar For Pentatonic Instrument and Two Bass Recorders
The Royal Twins For two sopraninos and Continuo
Lola sings Lala for For Soprano and Tenor recorder with voice and continuo
Guarding the Cannon for Alto and Tenor Recorder and Ostinato Bass
Bubble Machine for Recorders ensemble
Rocky Mountain Waltzes for 4 recorders (2019)
Snowflakes for 6 recorders (2015)
Timberlake for 4 recorders and 6 guitars (2016)
Terce for 6 recorders
La Folia: New Variations on an Old Theme for Recorder Ensemble (2006)
Four Candles for 3 recorders (2012)
Bergamasca for 3 recorders
Vespers for 6 recorders
Italian Ground for 5 recorders (2016)
The Queen`s Minuet For Alto Recorder and Continuo
Autumn`s Allemande For Recorder in C and Continuo
Ostinato for 7 Recorders
Passacaglia for 6 recorders (2015)
Passamezzo for 8 recorders
Fredo`s Chanson For Alto recorder and Continuo
Compline for 6 recorders
The Last Pavane for For Recorder in C and Continuo
Raggedy Ann`s Ragtime for 10 winds
Scherzo for 4 Recorder Quartets (2015)
Matins for 6 recorders
Exercises for Recorder in C
Exercises for Recorder in F
The Cook`s Estampie For Alto Recorder and Continuo