George Enescu

GEORGE ENESCU (1881–1955)
George Enescu (violin)
George Enescu (conductor)
George Enescu (piano)

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Deux Intermezzi for Strings op.12
Sept chansons de Clement Marot op.15
Allegro de concert - for chromatic harp
`Impressions d`enfance` for Violin and Piano op.28
Sérénade lointaine - for Violin, Cello and Piano (1903)
Pièce sur le Nom de Fauré for piano
`Poema Româna`, symphonic suite for orchestra and wordless male choir op. 1
Aubade - Trio for Violin, Viola and Cello (1899)
Aria and Scerzino for Violin solo, First and Second Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and Piano
Ballade for Violin and Orchestra op. 4a
Detsimet for Winds op.14
Chamber Symphony op.33
Cantabile et Presto for flute and piano
Concertstück for viola and piano (1906)
Sinfonia Concertanta h-moll for cello and orchestra op. 8
Impromptu concertant for Violin and Piano in G-flat major (1903)
Legend, for Trumpet and Piano
Nocturne and Saltarello for Cello & Piano (1897)
Octet for Strings in C major op. 7
Opera Oedipus op.23
Prelude for solo violin
Prelude and Fugue for Piano
Romanian Rhapsody 1 A-dur op.11 1
Romanian Rhapsody 2 D-dur op.11 2
Romanian Dances
Symphonic Poem Vox maris for soprano, tenor and orchestra op.31
Symphony Es-dur (1898)
Symphony d-moll (1895)
Symphony No.1 Es-dur () op.13
Symphony No.2 in A-dur op.17
Symphony No.3 C-dur for choir, organ and orchestra op.21
Sonata for violin and piano 1 in D-dur op. 2
Sonata for violin and piano 2 f-moll op. 6
Sonata for violin and piano No.3 a-moll op.25
Piano Sonata No.1 fis-moll op.24 1
Piano Sonata No.2 D-dur op.24 3
String Quartet No.1 Es-dur op.22 1
Piano Suite 1 in G minor `Dans le style ancien` op. 3
Piano Suite 2 in D-dur op.10
Piano Suite No.3 op.18
Orchestral Suite 1 C-dur op. 9
Orchestral Suite No.2 C-dur op.20
Orchestral Suite No.3 D-dur Villageoise op.27
Tarantelle for Violin and Piano (1895)
Theme and Variations for two pianos op. 5
Piano Trio (1911-16)
Piano Quartet 1 in D-dur (1909) op.16
Piano Quartet No.2 in d-moll op.30
Piano Quintet a-moll op.29
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