Andrey Eshpai

ANDREY ESHPAI (1925–2015)

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"Hungarian Melodies" for violin and orchestra (1952)
"Evening Shadows" for violin and piano (1994)
'Espressivo molto' for violin solo
Lamento and Toccata for String orchestra
Chords for mixed choir
`Memories` (`Quiet River`) for mixed choir, unaccompanied
`Prelude` for guitar and Big Band (1984)
Angara (1976), Ballet
Brass quintet for two trumpets, French horn, trombone and tube (1984)
Cantata "Lenin with Us" (1968)
Concerto for viola and orchestra
Concerto for horn, chamber orchestra and four horns
Concerto for oboe and orchestra (1982)
Concerto for Double Bass and Strings. 1994-95
Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra (1985)
Violin Concerto No. 1 (1956)
Violin Concerto 2 (1977)
Violin Concerto 3 `Bartok-concert` (1990)
Violin Concerto 4 (1993)
Concerto for tuba, string orchestra and brass instruments
Flute Concerto. 1992
Concerto for piano and orchestra 2
Concerto Grosso for trumpet, piano, vibraphone, double bass and orchestra (1967)
Circle - Apocalypse, ballet in two acts, (1981)
Two Banks (1959)
Song Moskvichi
My Odessa. 1957
Piece 1 for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Symphonic Dances in the Mari themes (1951)
Symphony 1, in es-moll (1959)
Symphony 2, in A-dur (1962)
Symphony 3 (1964)
Symphony-Ballet No. 4 (1978-80)
Symphony 5 (1987)
Symphony 6 (1988)
Symphony 7 (1991-92)
Symphony 8 (2000)
Sonata for violin and piano 1
Sonata for violin and piano 2
Sonata for cello (or violin) and piano 3 (1990)
String Quartet (1991)
Concordia discordans, String Quartet (1995)
Toccata for Piano (1948)
Three songs of Mari nation, for mixed choir
Three Pieces for Flute
Three choruses on poems by Arthur Rimbaud (2003)