Gabriel Faure

Gabriel Faure (1845–1924)
op. 1 Two Songs
op. 2 Two Songs
op. 3 2 songs
op. 4 Two Songs
op. 5 Three Songs
op. 6 Three Songs
op. 7 Three Songs
op. 8 Three Songs
op. 10 Two Duos
op. 11 Cantique de Jean Racine For the choir and orchestra in D-flat major
op. 12 Les djinns (1875?), for mixed chorus and piano or orchestra
op. 13 Sonata for Violin and Piano 1 in A-dur
op. 14 Violin Concerto (1878-9), unfinished
op. 15 Piano Quartet No. 1 in c-moll (1879)
op. 16 Berceuse for Violine and Piano (1878/79)
op. 17 Trois Romances sans paroles for Piano
op. 18 Three Songs for Voice and Piano
op. 19 Ballade for Piano and Orchestra Fis-dur
op. 21 Poeme d`un jour
op. 23 Three Songs
op. 24 Elegy for Cello and Piano
op. 25 Impromptu No. 1
op. 26 Barcarolle No. 1 in e-moll
op. 27 Two Melodies
op. 28 Romance for Violin and Piano
op. 30 Valse-Caprice No.1 in A-dur
op. 31 Impromptu for Piano No. 2 in f-moll
op. 32 Mazurka for Piano
op. 33/1 Nocturne No. 1 es-moll for Piano (1875)
op. 33/2 Nocturne No. 2 H-dur for Piano (1881)
op. 33/3 Nocturne No. 3 As-dur for Piano (1883)
op. 34 Impromptu No. 3
op. 35 Madrigal for mixed choir and piano
op. 36 Nocturne No. 4 Es-dur for Piano (1884)
op. 37 Nocturne No. 5 B-dur for Piano (1884)
op. 38 Valse-Caprice No.2 in Des-dur
op. 39 Four Songs
op. 41 Barcarolle No. 2 in G-dur
op. 42 Barcarolle No. 3 in Ges-dur
op. 43 Two Songs
op. 44 Barcarolle No. 4 in As-dur
op. 45 Piano Quartet No. 2 in g-moll
op. 46 Two Songs for Voice and Piano
op. 47/1 O Salutaris
op. 47/2 Motet `Maria Mater Gratiae` for two sporano and organ (piano)
op. 48 Messe de Requiem
op. 50 Pavane
op. 51 Four Songs
op. 52 Caligula
op. 55 Tantum ergo
op. 56 Dolly Suite
op. 57 Suite `Shylock` - Incidental music for tenor and orchestra
op. 58 Cinq melodies `de Venise` (1891)
op. 59 Valse-caprice No. 3
op. 61 La bonne chanson
op. 62 Valse-caprice No.4
op. 63 Nocturne No. 6 des-moll for Piano (1894)
op. 65/1 Ave verum corpus for 2 woman voices (solo or choir) and organ
op. 65/2 Two Motets: 2 `Tantum Ergo`
op. 66 Barcarolle No. 5 in fis-moll
op. 67/2 2 Songs (1894-95): 2. Ave Maria
op. 68 Allegro symphonique for piano (four hands)
op. 69 Romance for Cello and Piano in A-dur (1894)
op. 70 Barcarolle No. 6 in Es-dur
op. 72 Song `Pleurs dor`
op. 73 Theme and Variations in C sharp minor for piano
op. 74 Nocturne No. 7 c-moll for Piano (1897)
op. 75 Andante for Violin and Piano
op. 76 Two Songs
op. 77 Papillon for Cello and Piano
op. 78 Sicilienne for Cello and Piano
op. 79 Fantasia for Flute and Piano (1898)
op. 80 Music to the drama by Maurice Maeterlinck`s `Pelleas et Melisande`
op. 83 Two Songs
op. 84 Pieces Breves for Piano
op. 84/8 Nocturne No. 8 Des-dur for Piano (1898-1902)
op. 85 Three Melodies
op. 86 Impromptu for harp (1904)
op. 86bis Impromptu No. 6
op. 87 Two Songs
op. 89 Piano Quintet No. 1
op. 90 Barcarolle No. 7 in d-moll
op. 91 Impromptu No. 4
op. 92 Song `Le don silencieux` (1906)
op. 93 Ave Maria
op. 94 Song Chanson (1906)
op. 95 La chanson d`Eve, 1906-10
op. 96 Barcarolle No. 8 in Des-dur
op. 97 Nocturne No. 9 h-moll for Piano (1908)
op. 98 Serenade for Cello and Piano
op. 99 Nocturne No.10 e-moll for Piano (1908)
op.101 Barcarolle No. 9 in a-moll
op.102 Impromptu No. 5 fis-moll
op.103 Nine Preludes for Piano, 1909-10
op.104/1 Nocturne No.11 f-moll for Piano (1913)
op.104/2 Barcarolle No.10 in a-moll
op.105 Barcarolle No.11 in g-moll
op.106 Le jardin clos (1914)
op.107 Nocturne No.12 e-moll for Piano (1915)
op.108 Sonata for violin and piano No.2 in e-moll
op.109 Sonata for Cello and Piano No.1 d-moll
op.110 `Une Châteleine en sa tour` for Harp
op.111 Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra
op.112 Masks from Bergamo
op.113 Mirages (1919)
op.114 Song `C`est la paix!` (1919)
op.115 Piano Quintet No. 2
op.116 Barcarolle No. 13 in C dur
op.116bis Barcarolle No.12 in Es-dur
op.117 Sonata for Cello and Piano No.2 in g-moll
op.118 L`horizon chimerique (1921)
op.119 Nocturne No.13 h-moll for Piano (1921)
op.120 Piano Trio in d-moll
op.121 String Quartet in e-moll
op.posth L`aurore s`allume
Messe basse for Women`s choir
Allegretto Moderato for two cellos (1897)
Opera `Pénélope`
`Super flumina Babylonis` - for Choir and Orchestra (1863)
`Il est ne, le divin enfant` (traditional)
Song `En priere` (S. Bordese)
`Puisque j`al mis ma levre` (V. Hugo)
`Tristesse d`Olympio` (V. Hugo)
`L`aurore` (V. Hugo)
Parts of Works
Song `En Sourdine`
Messe des pêcheurs de Villerville (1881)
Morceau de lecture a vue
Opera `Pénélope` (arias)
Prelude Pénélope