Brian Ferneyhough

Brian Ferneyhough (Born 1943)
Adagissimo (1983) for strings
Allgebrah, for Oboe and Ensemble (1996)
An Inscription for Flute (1981)
Bone alphabet for solo percussionist (1991)
Carceri d`Invenzione I
Carceri d`Invenzione IIb, for Flute (1984)
Carceri d`Invenzione III
Cassandra`s Dream Song (1970) for flute solo
Coloratura for Oboe and Piano (1966)
Firecycle Beta for Two Pianos and Orchestra with amplification for chamber groups (1969-71)
Flurries, for piccolo, clarinet, French horn, violin, cello, piano (199798)
Four miniatures for solo flute (1965)
Funerailles I for 7 strings and harp (1969-77)
Funerailles II for 7 strings and harp (1969-80)
In Nomine a 3 (2001) for flute- piccolo, oboe, clarinet
Incipits (1996).
Inconjunctions for ensemble (2014)
Intermezzo-chaconne for violin solo
La Chute d`Icare (1988) for clarinet and ensemble
La Chute for bass-clarinet and little ensemble
La Terre est un Homme (1979)
Lemma-Icon-Epigram for piano (1981)
Missa Brevis, for chorus (1968, rev. 1969)
Mnemosyne for bass-flute and recorder
No time (at all) (2004) for two guitars
Opus contra naturam (2000)
Shadowtime, opera (1999-2004)
Sisyphus Redux, for alto flute (2010)
String Quartet No. 2
String Quartet 6 (2010)
String Trio
Terrain for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
The Rustlings of Gabriel`s Wings (2003)
Time and Motion Study I (1977) for bass clarinet
Time and Motion Study II (1976) for amplified cello and electronics
Time and Motion Study III (1974) for 16 voices, percussion and electronics
Transcendental studies for fluie, oboe, soprano, harpsichord, and cello
Unity capsule (1976) for flute solo (three parts)
Unsichtbare Farben , 1999