John Field

John Field (1782–1837)
H. 1 Variations `Fal Lal La` in A-Dur
H. 2 Rondo `The Favorite Hornpipe Danced by Madame De Caro` in A-Dur
H. 3 Rondo `Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself`
H. 4 Variations `Since Then I`m Doom`d` in C major
H. 6 Rondo `The Two Slaves Dances in Black Beard`
H. 7 Variations `Logie of Buchan` in C major
H. 8/1 Piano Sonata No. 1 (op.1 No.1) in Es-Dur
H. 8/2 Sonata for piano No.2 (op.1 No.2) in A-Dur
H. 8/3 Sonata for piano No.3 (op.1 No.3) in c-moll
H. 13 Divertissement No.1 in E-dur for piano and strings
H. 14 Divertissement No.2 in A-dur for piano and strings
H. 15 Fantasia on a Theme by Martini (c.1811)
H. 17 Sonata for piano No.4 in B-Dur
H. 18 Rondo in A flat major
H. 20 Variations `Air du bon Roi Henry IV` in a-moll
H. 22 Variations Kamarinskaya in B-Dur
H. 23 Rondo `Speed the Plough`
H. 24 Nocturne No. 1 Es-dur
H. 25 Nocturne No. 2 c-moll
H. 26 Nocturne No. 3 As-dur
H. 27 Concerto for piano and orchestra No.1 Es-dur
H. 27 Variations `Within a mile of Edinboro Town` in B-Dur
H. 28 Concerto for piano and orchestra No.4 Es-dur
H. 31 Concerto for piano and orchestra No.2 As-dur
H. 32 Concerto for piano and orchestra No.3 in Es-dur (1805)
H. 36 Nocturne No. 4 As-dur
H. 37 Nocturne No. 5 B-dur
H. 39 Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.5 C-dur
H. 40 Nocturne No. 6 F-dur
H. 41 Variations `Chanson russe variee` in d-moll
H. 45 Nocturne No. 7 C-dur
H. 46 Nocturne No.10 e-moll
H. 49 Concerto for piano and orchestra No.6 C-dur
H. 53 Rondo `Come Again, Come Again` in E-Dur
H. 56 Nocturne No.11 Es-dur
H. 58 Nocturne No.12 G-dur
H. 58 Concerto for piano and orchestra No.7 in c-moll
H. 59 Nocturne No.13 d-moll Derniere Pensee (1834)
H. 60 Nocturne No.14 in C-Dur
H. 61 Nocturne No.15 in C-Dur
H. 62 Nocturne No.16 F-dur
H. 63 Nocturne in B flat major. 1829
H. 64 Andante for piano in E flat major. (c. 1837)
Rondo in A major
Rondoletto in E flat major
Nocturne No. 8 in A major
Nocturne No. 9 in E flat major
Nocturne No.17 E-dur
Nocturne No.18 E-dur
Grande valse en forme de Rondeua
Waltz in G-dur
Waltz in As-dur
Rondeau Ecossois
Triumphal March
Nouvelle Fantaisie In G Major
Polonaise and Rondo
Fantaisie Sur Un Air Russe `In The Garden`
Two Album Leaves
Waltz in A-dur (1)
Waltz in A-dur (2)
Quadrille in F-dur
Quadrille in Es-dur
Angles in Es-dur
Exercise module dans tous les tons
Exercise in As-dur
Exercise in C-dur
Andante inedite in Es-dur
Rondeau in G-dur
Andante for Piano in c-moll
Danse des ours
Duet to my favorite Russian song
Rondo MIDI in E-dur
Sonata for piano No. 1 (op.1 No.1) in Es-Dur H. 8/1