Rudolf Friml

RUDOLF FRIML (1879–1972)

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2 Compositions for Violin and Piano op. 73
2 Pieces for cello, piano op. 54
3 Piano Pieces op. 36
3 Dances from `O Mitake San` for piano op. 77
4 Easy Pieces for piano
6 Melodious Pieces for piano op. 85bis
La bouderie for piano op. 43
Drifting for piano op. 67
From My Garden, Five Summer Idyls for the Piano
Mood Pictures for piano op. 79
Moonlight on the Lagoon for violin, piano
Moonflower for violin, piano
Love Messages for piano
Cute love for piano
Mignonnette for piano op. 26
Music-Box for piano op. 69
Solitude for piano
After Sundown, Suite for the Piano
Adieu for piano
`Dance of the maidens`
A Garden Matinee for piano
Echoes of Spring for piano
Bohemian Suite for piano op. 60
Bohemian Dance for piano op. 29
Egyptian Dance for piano op. 41
Lullaby for violin, piano op. 58
Berceuse for violin, piano op. 50
Concert Waltz for piano op. 12
Légende for piano op. 66
Suite lyrique for piano op. 85
Love-Song for violin, piano
Mélodie for Piano op. 27
Suite mignonne for piano op. 35
Moment musical for the piano
Tumble In, Musical (1919)
In Love with Love, Musical (1923)
Glorianna, Musical (1918)
The Blue Kitten, Musical
Some Time, Musical (1918)
The Peasant Girl, Musical (1914)
June Love, Musical (1921)
The Little Whopper, Musical (1919)
Cinders, Musical (1923)
You`re in Love, Musical (1916)
High Jinks, Musical (1913)
Katinka, Operetta (1915)
Operetta `Rose Marie` (1924)
Operetta `Rose Marie` (arias)
The Firefly, Operetta (1912)
Pastoral Scenes for piano op. 80
At Twilight, song for voice, piano
Chant sans paroles for piano op. 49
Chanson for orchestra
Études poétiques for piano op. 75
Moment religieux for piano op. 47
Russian Suite for piano op. 83
Russian Romance for piano op. 30
Staccato étude for piano op. 37
The dance of the young ladies for piano op. 48
Aubade for piano op. 25
Fragments from Operettas
Chansonette for voice, piano