Alexander Glazunov

Alexander Glazunov (1865–1936)
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2 Impromptus for piano op. 54
2 Pieces for Cello and Orchestra: 1.Mélodie op. 20/1
2 Pieces for Cello and Orchestra: 2.Sérénade espagnole op. 20/2
2 pieces for piano op. 22
2 Poèmes-improvisations (1917-18)
2 songs to words by Alexander Pushkin op. 27
3 Etudes for piano op. 31
3 Miniatures for Piano op. 42
3 Pieces for Piano op. 49
4 Preludes and Fugues for Piano (1918) op.101
5 Novelettes for String Quartet op. 15
Album Leaf (Albumblatt) for trumpet and piano / orchestra (1899)
Ballad for large symphony orchestra op. 78
Ballads, songs and arias
Ballet suite for large orchestra op. 52
Carnival op. 45
Chopiniana op. 46
Concert Waltz 1 op. 47
Concert Waltz 2 op. 51
Concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra Es-dur op.109
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in a-moll op. 82
Concerto No.1 for Piano and Orchestra op. 92
Concerto No.2 for piano and orchestra op.100
Concerto-Ballad for cello and orchestra, [P. Casals] op.108
Coronation Cantata op. 56
Cortege solennel op. 91
Cortege solennel op. 50
Divination and dancing, ballet scene op. 81
Easy Sonata (1880)
Elegy (1893) op. 44
Elegy for Cello and Piano op. 17
Elegy for string quartet in D minor (`In Memory of Belyayev`) (1928) op.105
Fantasia for organ (G-dur), [M. Dupre] op.110
Fantasy for 2 pianos op.104
Finnish fantasy for orchestra op. 88
Finnish sketches for orchestra op. 89
Five Songs, Op. 4 op. 4
Forest, Fantasia for symphony orchestra op. 19
From darkness to light, fantasy in C major op. 53
From Hafiz (Don`t be lured by warlike glory...) Words by A. Pushkin
From the Middle Ages, symphonic suite op. 79
Grand Concert Waltz for piano op. 41
Hey You, My Free Song! A Duo. Words by P. Seversky 1905 op. 80
Hey, uhnem! (Op. 1905)
In modo religioso for Piano op. 38
Introduction and Dance of Salome to the drama of O. Wilde `Salome` op. 90
Karelian Legend, musical picture op. 99
Little Waltz for piano op. 36
Lyric poem D flat major op. 12
March on a Russian theme op. 76
Masha Is Told Not To Cross The River. Words of a traditional Russian song
Mazurka in G Major op. 18
Mazurka-Oberek for Violin and Orchestra. 1916 op.100b
Meditation op. 32
Memory of a hero, elegy op. 8
Minstrel`s Song for cello & orchestra (1900) op. 71
Music to Lermontov`s drama `Masquerade` for chorus and orchestra (1912-13)
Music to the drama `The King of the Jews` after K.K. Romanov op. 95
My Songs Are Venomous... Words by H. Heine, Russian version by N. Dobrolyubov 1881-1885
Nina`s Song. Op. 102, from the music to The Masquerade, a drama by M. Lermontov Young years - 1881-1882 op.102
Nocturne op. 37
Oriental Dreams, piece for clarinet and string quartet (1886)
Oriental Rhapsody for orchestra op. 29
Ouverture solennelle for symphony orchestra op. 73
Overture No. 1 on three Greek Themes for orchestra in G minor op. 3
Overture No. 2 on Three Greek Themes in D major op. 6
Parts of Works
Pas de caractere op. 68
Piano Sonata No.1 in b-moll op. 74
Piano Sonata 2 in E minor op. 75
Poeme Epique (1934) op.posth
Prelude and 2 Mazurkas op. 25
Prelude and Fugue for organ d-moll op. 98
Prelude and Fugue for organ in D major op. 93
Prelude and Fugue for Piano in D minor op. 62
Prelude and Fugue for Piano in e-moll (1926)
Quartet for Saxophones op.109
Raymonda, ballet op. 57
Raymonda, ballet (fragments) op. 57
Reverie op. 24
Romantic Intermezzo for large symphony orchestra op. 69
Ruses d`amour, ballet (1898) op. 61
Russian Fantasia. 1906 op. 86
Sea, Fantasy for symphony orchestra op. 28
Serenade 2 op. 11
Serenade 1 op. 7
Shakespeare`s Sonnet LXVI (`For Restful Death I Cry... `) Russian version by A. Kremlev
Six Songs, Op. 59 op. 59
Six Songs, Op. 60 op. 60
Slavonic Festival for orchestra op. 26a
Solemn cantata in memory of the 100th anniversary of A.S. Pushkin for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1899) op. 65
Sonatine (1880)
Song of Destiny, dramatic overture op. 84
Spanish Romanza. Words by A. Pushkin
Spring, musical picture for orchestra op. 34
Stenka Razin, symphonic poem op. 13
Stifling! Words by H. Heine; Russian version by N. Nekrasov
String Quartet No.1 in D-dur op. 1
String Quartet No.2 in F-dur op. 10
String Quartet No.3 in G-dur `Slavonic` op. 26
String Quartet No.4 in a-moll op. 64
String Quartet No.5 in d-moll op. 70
String Quartet No.6 in B-dur op.106
String Quartet No.7 in C-dur op.107
String Quintet in A-dur for 2 violins, viola & 2 cellos op. 39
Suite caracteristique for large orchestra op. 9
Suite for String Quartet C-dur op. 35
Suite on the Name `Sascha` op. 2
Symphonic prologue to the memory of N.V.Gogol op. 87
Symphony No.1 E-dur op. 5
Symphony No.2 fis-moll (1866) op. 16
Symphony No.4 Es-dur op. 48
Symphony No.5 B-dur op. 55
Symphony No.6 c-moll op. 58
Symphony No.7 F-dur `Pastorale` op. 77
Symphony No.8 Es-dur op. 83
Symphony No.9 d-moll (unfinished)
Symphony 3 D major op. 33
The Belle. Words by A. Pushkin
The Kremlin, symphonic picture op. 30
The Seasons, ballet op. 67
Theme and Variations for Piano op. 72
Theme and Variations for String Orchestra in G minor op. 97
Thumbnail C-dur (1883)
Triumphal March op. 40
Two Pieces for Orchestra op. 14
Two Preludes op. 85
Valse de Salon for piano op. 43
Waltz 1, in D-dur op. 11
Waltzes on the Name `Sabela` for piano op. 23
Wedding Procession op. 21
Whenever I Hear Your Voice ... Words by M. Lermontov
`A festive procession` for orchestra G-dur (1907)
`Birthday` (Co-authors: A.Lyadov, N.Rimsky-Korsakov)
`Idyll` for piano op.103
`Love`, for mixed choir to poems by V. Zhukovsky (1907) op. 94
`Raymonda`, suite from ballet op. 57a

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