Christoph Willibald Gluck

Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714–1787)
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7 Oden und Lieder: 1 `Vaterlandlied` Wq.49, 1
7 Oden und Lieder: 2 `Wir und Sie` Wq.49, 2
7 Oden und Lieder: 3 `Schlachtgesang` Wq.49, 3
7 Oden und Lieder: 4 `Der Jüngling` Wq.49, 4
7 Oden und Lieder: 5 `Die Sommernacht` Wq.49, 5
7 Oden und Lieder: 6 `Die frühen Gräber` Wq.49, 6
7 Oden und Lieder: 7 `Die Neigung` Wq.49, 7
Alessandro, or Alexander`s Love to Roxana, ballet (1764) Wq.52
Ballet `Don Juan` (1761) Wq.52
Ballet `Semiramide` Wq.56
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in G-dur
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in G Major
De profundis clamavi Wq.50
Duet `Minona lieblich und hold haucht reine Liebe` Wq.63
Le Feste dApollo: 1) `Bauci e Filemone`
Le Feste dApollo: 2) `Aristeo`
Morceaux de chant détachés: 1. Oh Dei, che dolce incanto Wq.48, 1
Ode an den Tod, 1783 Wq.58
Opera serenade `Le cinesi` (1754) Wq.18
Opera `Alceste` Wq.37/44
Opera `Alceste` (arias)
Opera `Armida` Wq.45
Opera `Echo et Narcisse` (1779) Wq.47
Opera `Ezio` Wq.15
Opera `Ezio` (arias)
Opera `Il Parnaso confuso` (1765) Wq.33
Opera `Il trionfo di Clelia` (1763) Wq.31
Opera `Iphigénie en Aulide` (1774) Wq.40
Opera `Iphigénie en Aulide` (arias)
Opera `Iphigénie en Tauride` (1779) Wq.46
Opera `Iphigénie en Tauride` (arias)
Opera `La Clemenza di Tito` (1752) Wq.16
Opera `La Corona` (1765) Wq.35
Opera `La rencontre imprévue` (1764) Wq.32
Opera `La rencontre imprévue` (arias)
Opera `Linnocenza giustificata` (1755) Wq.20
Opera `Orfeo ed Euridice` (1762) Wq.30
Opera `Orfeo ed Euridice` (arias)
Opera `Paride ed Elena` (1770) Wq.39
Opera `Paride ed Elena` (overture, arias, fragments)
Parts of compositions
Serenade `Wedding of Hercules and Hebe` (1747)
Song `Der Jüngling` (I version) Wq.57
Song `Die Sommernacht` (II version, 1785) Wq.62
Symphony in A-dur
Symphony in D-dur
Symphony in D-dur
Symphony in F-dur
Symphony in G-dur, Chen G3
Trio Sonata No.1 in C-dur
Trio Sonata No.2 in g-moll
Trio Sonata No.3 in A-dur
Trio Sonata No.4 in B-dur
Trio Sonata No.5 in Es-dur
Trio Sonata No.6 in F-dur
Trio Sonata No.8 in F-dur
`Fooled Kadi`, Opera (1761) Wq.29

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