Felix Godefroid

Felix Godefroid (1818–1897)
20 Melodic studies for the harp
3 Études caractéristiques for harp
3 Characteristic pieces for harp
6 Morceaux de genre for piano op. 39-44
6 Morceaux de genre for piano op. 46-51
A storm in Venice, Barcarolle for piano op. 58
Be my loves, Fantasie for harp op.201
Bohemian Song for piano op.114
Caprice militaire for piano op.166
Carnaval de Venise, piece for piano op.184
Chanson basque for piano op.208
Chanson Créole for piano op.119
Chorus of Nymphs for harp op.187
Close to happiness, opera (1856)
Complaints of a captive, piece for piano op. 60
Concert Etude for harp op.193
Dream of a child, Mélodie for piano op.215
Dream of the heart!, Valse sentimentale for piano
Fairy Waltz for piano op.200
Fantaisie on favorite airs from opera `Lucrezia Borgia` by Donizetti for harp
Farewell cottage, Mélodie for piano op.206
Farewell to Alsace, Mélodie for piano op.167
Grande Valse for piano op.125
Indian dance for piano op. 57
Jock O` Hazledean, A favorite Scotch air for harp
King David`s Triumphal March for harp op.194
King`s minuet for piano op.137
La danse des Sylphes, Rondo brillant for piano
La Fidanzata del Marinajo, piece for piano op.192
Last day of Mary Stuart, Mélodie for piano op.135
Le carnaval de Rome, piece for piano op.124
Marche indienne for piano op.157
Marche orientale for piano op.113
Mass of twigs for 4 vocal soli, chorus with organ, harps, cellos and basses
May Song for piano op.158
Melodic school for the harp op.201
Mountain Air for piano op.138
Musical evening, 12 pieces for piano 4 hands
Musical thoughts, pieces for harp
My exercises for the harp
O salutaris, sacred song for 2 Vocal soloists and Organ or Piano
Ode to spring, Melodia for vocal and piano
On the lake, piece for harp op.191
One night in Lima, Sérénade for piano op. 99
One night in Seville, Sérénade for piano op.111
Party in the village, piece for piano op.202
Piano Sonata No.2 in G minor op. 53
Pilgrims at the St. Sepulcher, Choral for piano op.144
Psalm of David for harp
Resignation, Romance without words for piano op. 26
Reverie-mazurke for piano op. 169
Robert you I love, piece for harp
Romance sans paroles (Bois solitaire)
Sonate dramatique for piano in C minor op. 45
Song of love for piano op.154
Song of the Exiles for harp op.188
Souvenirs de Freischütz by Weber for harp op.186
Styrian Air for piano op.112
The awakening of the fairies, piece for piano op. 38
The awakening of the warblers, piece for piano op. 90
The carillon of Moncrabeau, Illustration for piano on the grounds of Bosret op.159
The Cuckoo, piece for harp
The dance of the almées for piano op.214
The death of Orpheus, piece for harp
The dream of Saint Cecilia, piece for harp
The Drops of Dew, Andante for harp op. 54
The French Guards, Caprice militaire for piano op.160
The gardens of Armide, 5 Valses for piano op.141
The golden dreams, piece for piano op. 57
The golden harp, Characteristic piece for piano op. 89
The last summer rose, piece for harp
The Oriental, pieces for piano op. 209-211
The paradise of Muhammad, Fantaisie for piano
The peasants of the Danube, piece for piano op.213
The Scottish Highlanders, Pastorale for piano op.207
The sighs, Cantabile for piano op. 35
The sleep of the gods, piece for harp
The stream, piece for piano
The swallow messenger, Mélodie for piano op.133
The wind harp, piece for harp
The young slave, Mélodie for piano op.204
Through thought, 12 pieces for piano
Tyrolienne favorite melody for piano op. 51b
Tyrolienne populaire melody for piano op.165