Leopold Godowsky


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"Impressions" for violin and piano
"Good old Vienna"
12 impressions for violin and piano
3 Concert Studies for piano, Op.11
3 Piano Pieces .12
3 Piano Pieces .15
4 Poems for piano
4 Piano Pieces .14
4 Piano Pieces .16
6 Waltz-Poems for Piano (left hand) (1928-29)
Moto perpetuo for piano
Rameau - Tambourin
Symphonic Metamorphoses of the ``Schatz-Walzer`` from ``Der Zigeunerbaron`` by Johann Strauss
Walzermasken, 24 Pieces for Piano
Walzermasken, 24 pieces for piano
Spring night, Nocturne for piano (1914)
Miniatures, Volume 6. Miscellaneous III
On the Alma, piece for piano
On the Bridge of Avignon, piece for piano
Twilight Thoughts, 6 pieces for piano (1880)
Triakontameron, 30 pieces for piano (1919-20)
Grand valse romantique for piano (1888)
Valse-Scherzo for Piano
Hungarian Suite No.1 for piano
Viennese waltz
Netherland Suite for piano
Intermezzo for piano (left hand) (1928)
Irish Suite No.1 for piano
Capriccio for Piano (left hand) (1928)
Contrapuntal Paraphrase on `Invitation to the Dance` by Weber for 2 or 3 pianos (1900)
Meditation for Piano (left hand) (1929)
Etude macabre for Piano (left hand) (1929)
German Suite No.1 for piano
Passacaglia for piano (1928)
Does the Harp of Rosa Slumber?, song for Voice & Piano
Twas Eve and May, song for Voice & Piano
Polonaise for Piano
Prelude and Fugue for Piano (left hand) (1929)
Progressive Exercises for piano
Rigoletto Suite No.1 for piano
Ruthenian Melodies for piano
Russian Suite No.1 for piano
Russian Suite No.2 for piano
Symphonic Metamorphoses of the `Schatz-Walzer` Themes for piano (1928)
Symphonic Metamorphoses on Themes from "Die Fledermaus" on Johann Strauss"s waltz
Symphonic metamorphosis of themes from Johann Strauss"s "Kunstlerleben"
Symphonic metamorphosis of Johann Strauss"s "Wein, Weib und Gesang" Waltzes
Symphonic Metamorphoses on Johann Strauss`s waltz `Kunstlerleben`
Symphonic Metamorphosis on themes by Johann Strauss for piano
Fairy-Tale for piano (1888)
Piano Sonata e-moll
Piano sonata in E minor (1906-10)
Old Waltz
Suite for the Left Hand (1928)
Toccata for piano, Op.13
Transcription of Chopin Etudes
Transcription for piano of Bach"s Suite No 2 in D minor for cello
Transcription for piano of Bach"s Suite No 3 in C major for cello BWV 1009
Transcription for piano of Bach"s Suite No 5 in C minor for cello
Music Moment .94 3 by Schubert, Transcription
Sonata for Violin No. 1 in g-moll by J. S. Bach, transcription
Sonata for Violin No. 2 in b-moll by J. S. Bach, transcription
Sonata for Violin No. 3 in a-moll by J. S. Bach, transcription
French Suite No.1 for piano
Swedish Suite No.1 for piano
Impromptu for Piano (left hand) (1929)
Elegy for Piano (left hand) (1929)
Java Suite