Percy Aldridge Grainger

Percy Aldridge Grainger (1882–1961)
A Song of Vermland, for Choir a capella (1903-04)
Australian Up-country Song
Blithe Bells
Brigg Fair, for Tenor and Choir (1906-11)
Colonial Song
Colonial Song
Country Gardens
Country Gardens
Dollar and a Half a Day
Duke of Marlborough Fanfare
English Dance
Fisher`s Boarding-House
Free Music No. 2, for six thereminvoks
Free Music 1 (1936) for four theremins
Gipsy`s Wedding Day, for Choir (1906)
Green Bushes
Handel in the Strand
Harvest Hymn
Harvest Hymn
In Dahomey (Cakewalk Smasher)
Irish Tune from County Derry
Jungle Book Cycle
Jutish Medley
Lincolnshire Posy
Mary Thompson, A Song for Choir (1913)
Mo nighean dubh
Mock Morris
Molly on the Shore
My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone
Near Woodstock Town (1903-51)
O Mistress Mine, for Choir (1903)
One More Day, My John
Paraphrase on Tchaikovsky`s ``Waltz of the Flowers``
Ramble on Love (from `Der Rosenkavalier` by Richard Strauss)
Scotch Strathspey and Reel
Sea Chanty Settings (1910)
Shenandoah, for Choir (1907)
Shepherd`s Hey
Soldier, Soldier, for Six Voices and Choir (1908-25)
Song of the Zanzibar boaters for piano six hands
Spoon River
Stormy (Pumping Chanty), for Choir (1907)
Suite on Danish Folk-Songs
Suite In a Nutshell
The Hunter in his Career
The Merry King
The Sussex Mummers. Christmas Carol (190515)
The Warriors (Music to an Imaginary Ballet for Orchestra and Three Pianos)
There Were Three Friends
To a Nordic Princess
Train Music
Walking Tune
Walking Tune (Symphonic wind band version)
We Were Dreamers
Ye Banks and Braes o` Bonnie Doon (1901-32)
Youthful Rapture for Cello and Orchestra (1901)
Youthful Suite (1902)
`At Twilight`
`The Gum-Suckers` March from `In a Nutshell` Suite