Percy Aldridge Grainger

Percy Aldridge Grainger (1882–1961)
(Tchaikovsky) - Piano concerto No.1 for piano solo
A Dance Rhapsody
A Song of Vermland, for Choir a capella (1903-04)
Air and Variations for the Virginals: The Carmen Whistle
American Folk Dance: Spoon river
Andante con moto
Australian Up-country Song
Beautiful Fresh Flower
Blithe Bells
Bridal Lullaby
Brigg Fair, for Tenor and Choir (1906-11)
Bristol Town
British Folk-Music Settings: No. 18, Knight and Shepherd`s Daughter
British Folk-Music Settings: No. 2, Sussex Mummers` Christmas Carol
British Folk-Music Settings: No. 38, The Merry King
Children`s March
Children`s March: Over the Hills and Far Away
Colonial Song
Colonial Song
Country Gardens
Country Gardens
Danish Folk-Music Settings: No. 8, Jutish Medley
Danish Folksongs Suite: No. 3, The Nightingale and the Two Sisters
Died for love
Dollar and a Half a Day
Duke of Marlborough Fanfare
Embraceable You
English Dance
English Dance
English Waltz
Fisher`s Boarding-House
Free Music No. 2, for six thereminvoks
Free Music 1 (1936) for four theremins
Free Settings of Favorite Melodies: No. 4, Ramble on the Last Love-Duet
Fugue in A Minor, BWV. 904
Gipsy`s Wedding Day, for Choir (1906)
Green Bushes
Handel in the Strand
Hard-Hearted Barb`ra Helen
Harvest Hymn
Harvest Hymn
In a Nutshell suite
In Dahomey (Cakewalk Smasher)
Irish Tune from County Derry
Jungle Book Cycle
Jutish Medley
Klavierstück in B-Flat Major
Klavierstück in D Major
Lincolnshire Posy
Love walked In
Mary Thompson, A Song for Choir (1913)
Mo nighean dubh
Mo Ninghean Dhu
Mock Morris
Molly on the Shore
My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone
Near Woodstock Town (1903-51)
O Gin I Were Where Gowrie Rins
O Mistress Mine, for Choir (1903)
One More Day My John (Version 1)
One More Day My John (Version 2)
One More Day, My John
Paraphrase on Tchaikovsky`s ``Waltz of the Flowers``
Passacaglia on an English Folksong `Green Bushes`
Ramble on Love (from `Der Rosenkavalier` by Richard Strauss)
Rimmer and Goldcastle
Saxon Twi-play
Scotch Strathspey and Reel
Sea Chanty Settings (1910)
Shenandoah, for Choir (1907)
Shepherd`s Hey
Soldier, Soldier, for Six Voices and Choir (1908-25)
Song of the Zanzibar boaters for piano six hands
Spoon River
Stalt Vesselil
Stormy (Pumping Chanty), for Choir (1907)
Suite on Danish Folk-Songs
Suite In a Nutshell
The Hunter in his Career
The Immovable Do
The Man I love
The Merry King
The Rag-Time Girl
The rival brothers
The Sussex Mummers. Christmas Carol (190515)
The warriors
The Warriors (Music to an Imaginary Ballet for Orchestra and Three Pianos)
The widow`s party
There Were Three Friends
To a Nordic Princess
Train Music
Train music
Tribute to Foster: Lullaby
Up-Country Song
Variations on a Theme by Paganini, Op. 35: Variation XII.
Walking Tune
Walking Tune (Symphonic wind band version)
We Were Dreamers
Will Ye Gang to the Hielands, Lizzie Lindsay
Ye Banks and Braes o` Bonnie Doon (1901-32)
Youthful Rapture for Cello and Orchestra (1901)
Youthful Suite (1902)
Zanzibar Boat-Song, RMTB 6
`At Twilight`
`The Gum-Suckers` March from `In a Nutshell` Suite