Alexander Grechaninov


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10 Feuilles d`album for piano op.139
Two Krylov`s fables for the mixed quartet op. 36
2 Belorussian Elegies for vocal and piano (1918) op. 83
Two Vocal Quartets op. 30
2 Duets for Soprano or Tenor, Alto or Mezzo-Soprano, & Piano (1907) op. 41
Two Female Choirs a cappella op. 10
Two Pictures for mixed 8-voice chorus a cappella (1897) op. 12
2 Mélodies for vocal and piano (1896) op. 15
2 Lada`s Songs for soprano and piano (1914) op. 69
2 Pieces for piano op. 37
2 Sonatinen for piano (1927) op.110
Two Poems of K. Balmont for Female Quartet (1911) op. 57
Two Poems of K. Balmont for Male Quartet (1911) op. 56
Two Poems of A. Pushkin op.149
Two Choirs a cappella op. 11
Two Choir a cappella op.151
Two Choirs a cappella for Mixed Voices op. 16
25 Muslim Songs for Voice and Piano op. 25
3 Folk Songs of Great Russia for chorus (1916-17) op. 77
3 Pieces for Organ (1938) op.159
3 Pieces for Piano op.116
4 Fables after Ivan Krylov for vocal and piano op. 33
4 Mazurkas for piano (1911) op. 53
4 Mélodies for Voice and piano op. 7
4 Mélodies for Voice and piano (1899) op. 20
4 Songs for Vocal and Piano op. 5
Four Choirs a cappella op. 4
5 Children`s Choruses (1914) op. 66
5 Pastels for piano op. 3
5 Songs after Hafiz for vocal and piano (1916) op. 76
6 Children`s Songs for childrens chorus and piano (1903) op. 31
6 Children`s Songs for childrens chorus and piano (1903) op. 31
7 Poèmes dramatiques for Voice and piano (1910) op. 51
Gloria... Unigenite fili
Twighlight Slowly Setting
Album d`Andrucha, 10 Easy Pieces for Piano (1933) op.133
Album de Nina, 10 Easy Pieces for Piano (1933) op.141
Pervenches, 8 pieces for piano (1938?) op. 15
Fugitive Thoughts, 15 pieces for piano op.115
Glass Beads, 12 easy pieces for piano (1923) op.123
In the Village, 4 Songs for Children`s Chorus & Piano (1908) op. 45
In modo antico, Suite for Violin & Orchestra (1918) op. 81
Inspire, O God, my prayer
Shout to the Lord all the earth ...
The Seasons, 4 childrens chorus with piano (1908) op. 46
Hymn of Free Russia, poem of K. Balmont (1917)
Grandfather`s Album, 17 Little Pieces for Piano op.119
The Day of the Child, 10 pieces for piano (1927) op.109
It is Truly Meet
The Only Begotten Son
Wish, piece for Violin and piano (1895) op. 9
Historiettes, 12 pieces for piano (1930) op.118
Ad Astra, 5 Poems for Voice and Piano (ca. 1911) op. 54
Icefall, poem of F. Tyutchev op.148 1
Moments lyriques, 3 Miniatures for Piano (1916-17) op. 78
Mother Rus, a choir a cappella (1911)
On the Green Meadow, 10 pieces for piano (1924) op. 99
Monument to the Poet, choir a capella
Pastelle No.2, 8 pieces for piano op. 61
Treatment of Russian folk song `Should I go, should I come out` for the choir, unaccompanied
`Reflections` op. 14
Early in the Morning, 10 pieces for violin and piano (1920)
Roman Sonnets to words by Viacheslav Ivanov op.160
Glory Be to God in Heaven op. 71 2
Dreams, 2 Duets for Soprano, Alto, & Piano (1897) op. 17
Passion Week, 13 Mixed chorus (SATB) (1911-12) op. 58
Holy Week op. 58
Praise God, Op. 65
The Flowers of Evil, 5 Songs after Baudelaire for vocal and piano (1909) op. 48
Bagatelles for piano (ca. 1927) op.112
Lord Of My Days (Poem by Alexander Pushkin)
All Night Vigil (1912) op. 59
Hymn of Free Russia, 1917
Liturgia Domestica op. 79
Children`s Album (1923) op. 98
Zaprichastny Stikh (To Virgin with diligent)
At the Crossroads, cantata for Bass Voice and Orchestra (1900?) op. 21
Cantata `Snowflakes` op. 47
Praise God, cantata. 1932
Lullaby for cello and piano op.108
Lullaby for the Choir a cappella for verses by M. Lermontov op. 1
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra op. 8
Lada, the Phoenix Bird op. 68
Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom No.1 (1897) op. 13
Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom No.2 (1902) op. 29
Liturgy of Saint John of Chrysostom No. 4 `New Use` Op. 177
Suite miniature for clarinet and piano op.145
Sancti Spiritus, mass for choir and organ op.169
Nocturne from Suite for Cello and Piano op. 86
Dobrynya Nikitich, opera-bylina op. 22
Sister Beatrice, opera (1910) op. 50
Teremok (Mansion), a children`s opera (1921)
Songs, ballads
As Angel of Serenity, song for vocal and piano
On Yellow Fields, song for voice and piano
Oh, If Thou Shalt, Baby, My Wife, song for vocal and piano
Bird, song for vocal and piano
The Pink Glow of Sunset, song for voice and piano
At First I was Suffering, song for vocal and piano
`Missa festiva` op.154
Russian Folk Dances for piano op.130
Symphony No.1 in h-moll op. 6
Symphony No.2 in a-moll `Pastorale` op. 27
Symphony No.3 op.100
Symphony No.4 op.102
Symphony No.5 in g-moll op.153
Sonata for Balalaika and Piano
Sonata for Cello and Piano in e-moll op.113
Sonata for Clarinet (or viola) & Piano 1 in B-dur op.161
Sonata No.2 for Clarinet and Piano in F major (1943) op.172
Sonata for Violin and Piano op. 87
Piano Sonata No.1 in G minor (1931?) op.129
String Quartet No.1 in G-dur op. 2
String Quartet No.2 in d-moll op. 70
String Quartet No.3 in c-moll op. 75
String Quartet No.4 in F-dur op.124
Suite for Cello and Orchestra op. 86
Fumeral Hymn (1905)
At Krynica, a triptych on verses by V. Ivanov (1916) op. 73
Fantasia for Cello and Orchestra in D minor (1895)
Piano Trio No.1 in c-moll op. 38
Piano Trio No.2 in G-dur op.128
The Cherubic Hymn
Sea Wave, Choral Concerto op. 19
Choral works
Six Motets for Mixed Choir and Organ op.155
Missa Oecumenica op.142