Edvard Grieg

Edvard Grieg (1843–1907)
(Mozart) Fantasia for piano KV 475 (arr. by E. Grieg for Piano Duet, 1877) EG 113, 5
(Mozart) Sonata for piano KV 283 (arr. by E. Grieg for Piano Duet, 1877) EG 113, 1
(Mozart) Sonata for piano KV 457 (arr. by E. Grieg for Piano Duet, 1877) EG 113, 2
(Mozart) Sonata for piano KV 533/494 (arr. by E. Grieg for Piano Duet, 1877) EG 113, 3
(Mozart) Sonata for piano No.16 C-dur KV 545 (arr. by E. Grieg for Piano Duet, 1877) EG 113, 4
12 Melodies after poems by Vinje op.33
2 Male Choruses (1881) EG 169
2 Melodies (1890) op.53
2 Nordic Melodies (1895) op.63
2 Songs of Jørgen Moe (1867) EG 162
2 Valse Caprices op.37
3 Piano Pieces (1858-59) EG 102
3 pieces for piano (1860) EG 105
4 Melodies of the Heart (after H.C.Andersen) (1864-65) op. 5
4 Pieces for Piano op. 1
4 Romances by Chr.Winther op.10
4 songs op. 2
4 Songs for Male Chorus (1863?) EG 160
4 Songs text by Bj. Bjornson op.21
5 Songs op.69
5 Songs (after John Paulsen) op.26
5 Songs (Text: Vilhelm Krag) op.60
5 Songs of Norway by John Paulsen op.58
6 Poems (1876) op.25
6 songs op. 4
6 Songs with Orchestra (1892,1894-95) EG 177
9 Pieces for Children (1858-59) EG 103
Agitato for piano (1865) EG 106
Album for male voices (12 Norwegian folk songs) for soloists and male choir (1877-78) op.30
Albumblad for piano (1878) EG 109
At Halfdans Kjerulfs Statue (1874) EG 167
Ballade in the Form of Variations on a Norwegian Folk Song in G minor op.24
Bojarernes Indtogmsarsch EG 183
Canon in 4 Voices for piano (1860) EG 179
Cello Sonata in a-moll op.36
Children`s Songs op.61
Choir `Impromptu` (Impromptu for choir of Fort Dodge in Iowa) for male voices a cappella (1896) EG 175
Choir `Jdervise` for male voices a cappella (1896) EG 174
Chorus `Til Ole Bull` (To Ole Bull) for male voices a cappella (1901) EG 176
Clara` Song (1864) EG 124
Concert Overture `In Autumn` op.11
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in a-moll op.16
Dona nobis pacem (1862) EG 159
Du herre, som er sterk og stor, Hymn
Elegiac Songs by John Paulsen op.59
Five Songs op.70
Foran Sydens kloster, for Soprano, Alto, Female Chorus and Piano (1871) op.20
Four Album Leaves op.28
Four Psalms op.74
From Holberg`s Time Suite op.40
Fugue in f-moll for string quartet (1861) EG 114
Fugues for piano EG 184
Funeral March in Memory of Rikard Nordraak in A minor (1866/1878) EG 107
Gnomes` Tune, Piece for Piano (1898) EG 111
Humoresques op. 6
Hvite skyer, Piece for Piano (1898) EG 110
Improvisations on 2 Norwegian Folk Songs op.29
Intermezzo in A minor for Cello and Piano (1866?) EG 115
Larviks-Polka for piano (1858?) EG 101
Lyric Pieces, Book 1 op.12
Lyric Pieces, Book 2 op.38
Lyric Pieces, Book 3 op.43
Lyric Pieces, Book 4 op.47
Lyric Pieces, Book 5 op.54
Lyric Pieces, Book 6 op.57
Lyric Pieces, Book 7 op.62
Lyric Pieces, Book 8 op.65
Lyric Pieces, Book 9 op.68
Lyric Pieces, Book 10 op.71
Moods op.73
National Song (1894?) EG 151
Norwegian Dances op.35
Norwegian Folk Songs op.17
Norwegian Folk Songs op.66
Norwegian music EG 133
Old Norwegian Romance With Variations op.51
Parts of compositions
Piano Concerto No. 2 in h-moll (1882-83, unfinished, reconstruction L.Beeckmans, 1997) EG 120
Piano Quintet in B♭ major (fragment) (1883) EG 118
Piano Sonata in e-moll op. 7
Piano transcriptions of songs op.41
Piano transcriptions of songs op.52
Piano trio (Andante con moto) in C minor (1877) EG 116
Poetic Tone-Pictures op. 3
Romances op.15
Romances op.39
Romances and Ballades op. 9
Romances and Songs (a word X. K.Andersen 1864) op.18
Sangerhilsen for male chorus (1883) EG 170
Scenes from `Olav Trygvason` (Drama by Bjørnson), 7 movements (incomplete) (1873) op.50
Scenes of Country Life op.19
Sex norske field melodier (1874-75) EG 108
Simpel Sang, EG 147 (Holger Drachmann) (1889) EG 147
Six Poems By Holger Drachmann op.49
Six Songs (1889) op.48
Slatter (Peasant Dances) op.72
Small Pieces for Piano (1858-59) EG 104
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.1 in F-dur op. 8
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2 in G-dur op.13
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.3 in c-moll op.45
Song ʻInga Litamor` for baritone and male choir (1901) EG 168
Song `Attegloyma` (1880) EG 142
Song `Ave, maris stella` (1893) EG 150
Song `Blabaeret` (1896) EG 145
Song `Dømd` (Doomed) for voice and piano (c. 1895-98) EG 152h
Song `Den blonde pige` (first version) EG 130
Song `Den blonde pige` (second version) EG 138
Song `Den hvide, rode Rose` EG 137
Song `Den syngende Menighed` (1860) EG 122
Song `Der Jager` (1905) EG 157
Song `Dig elsker jeg` (1865) EG 127
Song `Du retter tidt dit øjepar` (Stare Your Eyes) for voice and piano (1889) EG 148
Song `Gentlemen-Rankers` (1900) EG 156
Song `I slåtten` (In the meadow) for voice and piano (c. 1895-98) EG 152f
Song `Jeg elsket` (1896) EG 153
Song `Jenta` (1880) EG 141
Song `Julens Vuggesang` (1900?) EG 155
Song `Ku-lok` (Bell of a cow) for voice and piano (c. 1895-98) EG 152l
Song `Min lille fugl` (1865) EG 126
Song `Morning prayer in the school` EG 139
Song `Mountain Thrall` op.32
Song `Odalisken Synger` (1870) EG 131
Song `Paa Hamars Ruiner` (1880) EG 140
Song `Paskesang` (1889) EG 146
Song `Princess` (1871) EG 133
Song `Ragnhild` (1886) EG 181
Song `Siehst du das Meer` (1859) EG 121
Song `Soldier` (1865) EG 125
Song `Sporven` (Sparrow) for voice and piano (c. 1895-98) EG 152d
Song `Suk` (1873) EG 134
Song `Tears` (1865) EG 128
Song `Til Chr. Tonsberg` (1873) EG 136
Song `Til Kirken hun vandrer` (1864) EG 123
Song `Til L. M. Lindemans Solvbryllup` (1873) EG 135
Song `To a Devi` (1900) EG 154
Song `Under juletraeet` (1885) EG 144
Song `Valgsang` (1893) EG 149
Song `Vesle Gut` (1866) EG 129
Song `Veslemøy lengtar` (Tosca Veslemøy) for voice and piano (c. 1895-98) EG 152j
Song `Veslemøy undrast` (Dreams by Veslemøy) for voice and piano (c. 1895-98) EG 152g
Songs and ballads
Songs `Reminiscensces from Mountain and Fjord ` op.44
String Quartet in F-dur EG 117
String Quartet in g-moll op.27
Symphonic Dances op.64
Symphony in c-moll (1863-64) EG 119
The Dance Goes On, Piece for Piano (1898) EG 112
The Mountain Maid op.67
Three Orchestral Pieces From `Sigurd Jorsalfar` op.56
Two Elegiac Melodies op.34
Two Symphony Pieces op.14
Virgin of Mountain op.67A
`Bergliot` Recitation, with Orchestra op.42
`Land-Sighting`, cantata for male voices and orchestra op.31
`Peer Gynt` Suite No.1 op.46
`Peer Gynt` Suite No.2 op.55
`Peer Gynt`, music for the H.Ibsen play op.23
`Sigurd Jorsalfar`, incidental music Bjornsons drama op.22