Alfred Grunfeld

Alfred Grunfeld (1852–1924)
2 Piano Pieces
2 Piano Pieces
2 Songs for vocal and piano
3 Piano Pieces
3 Piano Pieces
3 Songs for Vocal and Piano
4 Morceaux for Piano
4 Piano Pieces
4 Songs for Vocal and Piano
5 Piano Pieces
5 Polkas de concert for piano
5 Songs for Vocal and Piano
6 Piano Pieces
6 Piano Pieces
Barcarole (No.4) for piano
Barcarole No.1 for piano
Barcarole No.2 for piano
Barcarole No.3 for piano
Danse espagnole for piano
Danse-Caprice for piano
Delirien Walzer (after J. Strauss) for piano
Der Lebemann, Operette (1902)
Erste Liebe, song for voice and piano
Etude for Piano
Fantasia on Two Songs by Franz Schubert for Piano
Gavotte for Piano
Historiettes, Piano Pieces
Humoreske No.1 for piano
Humoreske No.2 for piano
Impromptu for Piano
Kleine Serenade for piano, also arranged for orchestra
Mazurka for piano
Mazurka No.2 for Piano
Mazurka No.3 for piano
Mazurka No.4 for piano
Mazurka Russe for piano
Oktaven-Etude No.1 for piano
Oktaven-Etude No.2 for piano
Paraphrase on Gounod`s Spring Song for piano
Paraphrase on J. Strauss` Persian March for piano
Paraphrase on J. Strauss`s Kaiser-Walzer for piano
Paraphrase on J.Strauss` waltz motives from `Voices of Spring` for piano
Paraphrase on Waltz from Die Fledermaus, the operetta by Strauss .
Paraphrase on Waltz Motifs from J. Strauss` Cinderella for piano
Pizzicati from Leo Delibes Ballet `Sylvia` for piano
Serenade No.2 for piano
Spanish Serenade for piano
Traumesdämmerung, song for vocal and piano
Ungarische Fantasie for piano
Ungarische Tänze for piano
Viennese Evening, op. 56
Wie schön bist du, song for vocal and piano