Sofia Gubaidulina

Sofia Gubaidulina (Born 1931)
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A Song without Words for Trumpet and Piano, 1977
Cadenza for bayan (2003, rev. 2011)
Chacon, toccata and Invention for piano
Chaconne for Piano (1962)
Concerto for Bassoon and Low Strings (1975)
Concerto for cello and orchestra 2 `And: The Feast is in full Progress` (1993)
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra `Between the face of hope and the face of despair`. 2005-06
Concerto for Two Orchestras: Symphony and Variety (1976)
Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (1996)
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra 1 `Offertorium`
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra 2 `In Tempus Praesens` (2007)
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra 3 `Dialog: Ich und Du` (2018)
Concordanza (1971)
Däumelinchen, for piano
De profundis (1978)
Dedication to Marina Tsvetaeva, a cappella choir
Detto I, sonata for organ and percussion (1978)
Detto-2, for Cello and Ensemble (1972)
Dots, lines and zigzags (1976) - for bass clarinet and piano
Duo sonata for 2 bassoons (1977)
Duo-Sonata for two baritone saxophones
Easter at St. John (2001)
Et Exspecto, sonata for bayan (1986)
Even and Odd for the drums and keyboards (1991)
Fachwerk for bayan, percussion and strings (2009)
Fairytale Poem for symphony orchestra (1971)
Figures of Time for large orchestra (1994)
Five Etudes for Harp, Double Bass and Percussion (1965)
Garden of Joy and Sadness. Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp (1980)
Glorious Percussion for percussion and orchestra (2008)
Hallelujah, for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1990)
Hell und Dunkel for Organ (1976)
Hommage a T. S. Eliot, for soprano and octet of instruments (1984)
Hour of Soul, A Symphony, verses by M. Tsaetaeva
Hymn to the Sun
In Croce for cello and organ (1979), for bayan and cello (1991)
Introitus concerto for piano and chamber orchestra (1978)
Invention for piano (1974)
Jetzt immer Schnee (1993)
Jubilation (1977)
Le Grand Tango by Astor Piazzolla, for violin and piano (1995)
Meditation uber den Bach-Choral `Vor deinen Thron tret ich hiermit` for cembalo and string quintet (1993)
Mirage. Dancing Sun, for cello octet
Misterioso for seven percussionists (1977)
Music from Davos (1991)
Nadeika, triptych (2005-2006)
Night in Memphis, for mezzo-soprano, male chorus and orchestra on ancient Egyptian texts, Cantata (1968)
Pantomime for Bass and Piano (1966)
Perception, for soprano, baritone and strings (1981, rev. 1983, 86)
Phacelia, vocal cycle based on the words of M. Prishvin (1957)
Preludes for Violoncello Solo (1974)
Pro et Contra, for large orchestra (1989)
Quasi hoquetus for viola, bassoon and piano (1984)
Quaternion for cello quartet (1996)
Ravvedimento (Remorse) for Cello and Guitar Quartet (2007)
Reflections on the theme B-A-C-H for string quartet (2002)
Rejoice!, for Violin and Cello (1981)
Repentance (2008)
Rubaie. Cantata for baritone and chamber orchestra to words by Haqqani, Hafiz and Khayyam (1969)
Rumore e Silenzio fur Schlagzeus und Cembalo/Celesta
Serenade for Guitar (1960)
Seven Last Words of Christ, for cello, accordion and strings (1982)
Silenzio, for Bayan, Violin and Cello
Sonata for double bass and piano (1975)
Sonata for Piano (1965)
Sotto Voce (2010, rev. 2013)
St John Passion, for soprano, tenor, baritone, bass, two mixed choirs, organ and symphony orchestra
String quartet 1 (1971)
String quartet 2 (1987)
String quartet 3 (1987)
String Quartet 4 (1993)
String Trio (1988)
Stufen for orchestra and 7 reciters (1992)
Symphony `Stimmen Verstummen` in 12 parts (1986)
Ten Preludes for cello solo (1974)
The Canticle of the Sun by St. Francis of Assisi (1997)
The Festival is in Full Swing, for cello and orchestra (1993)
The Gallow Songs for Mezzo-Soprano, Flute, Bayan, Percussion, and Duoble-Bass, 1996
The Light of the End, for large orchestra (2003)
Toccata for Guitar (1969)
Toccata-Troncata (1971)
Trio for three trumpets (1976)
Triple Concerto for Violin, Cello, Bayan & Orchestra (2017)
Two Ballads for two trumpets and piano (1976)
World of Orpheus
`Dancer on a Tightrope` for Violin & Piano (1993)
`Der Zorn Gottes` for orchestra (2019)
`Feast during plague` for large symphony orchestra (2005)
`In the shade of a tree` a composition for koto, bass koto, Schoen and symphony orchestra
`Musical Toys`, 14 pieces for piano
`On the Edge of Abyss`, Arrangement for seven cellos and two vaterfonov (2002)
`The Rider on the White Horse` for orchestra
`Under the sign of Scorpio` Symphonic Variations for bayan and large orchestra
oncert for two violas and orchestra `Two Ways` (1998)

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