Gustav Cornelius Gurlitt

Gustav Cornelius Gurlitt (1820–1901)
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10 Melodic Etudes for Practitioners for piano op.199
12 Morceaux de salon for violin and piano op.146
12 Novelletten for piano op.148
16 Melodic Etudes for Beginners for piano op.198
2 Charakterstücke for piano 4 hands
2 Miniature Piano Trios op.200
2 Sonatas for Piano and Violin op. 88
20 Studies in Rhythm and Expression for piano op. 52
24 Melodische Etüden for piano op. 50
3 Rondos for 2 pianos op.175
3 Sonatinas for cello (or violin) and piano op. 61
35 Easy Etudes for piano op.130
4 Sonatinas for piano op.214
48 Melodische Etüden for voice and piano op. 56
5 Piano Pieces op.207
54 Little Melodic Piano Etudes for Beginners op.187
6 Album Leafs for piano 4 hands op.147
6 Bagatelles for piano op.224
6 Melodische Etüden for piano op.185
6 Piano Sonatinas op. 54
6 Piano Sonatinas op.188
6 Songs for Vocal and Piano op. 2
Album for Youth, 20 pieces for piano op.140
Album Leaves for the Youth, 20 pieces for piano op.101
Allegretto for piano
Buds and Blossoms, Melodious Studies for Piano op.107
Cello Sonata in D major op. 3
Children`s (Toy) Symphony for Piano, Toy Instruments and ad lib. violin, cello op.169
Chrysanthèmes, 24 pieces for piano op.132
Daily Studies for piano op. 91
Excursion, easy piano pieces for the youth op.206
Field Flowers, 12 pieces for piano op.104
Fireside Fancies, 12 pieces for piano op.197
Flying leaves, pieces for piano op.112
From the Children`s World, 20 pieces for piano op. 74
Intermezzo for violin and piano op.152
Konzertstück for clarinet (B♭) and orchestra or piano op. 70
Mimoses, 12 pieces for piano op.113
Miniature Piano Trio op.181
Miniaturen, 20 pieces for piano op.172
Noble Waltz for Piano .148/8
Ouverture des Marionettes for 3 violins and piano op.105
Overture Commedietta for orchestra op.137
Piano Trio op.129
Piano Trioin C major op. 10
Sérénade for 2 pianos in 8 hands op. 96
School of fluency for beginners op.141
Small Flowers, 12 easy, melodious pieces for piano op.205
Small Flowers, 20 pieces for Piano 4 Hands op.178
Snowflakes, 12 pieces for violin and piano op.164
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2 in B Minor op. 4
Spring flowers, 6 pieces for Piano op.215
Spring flowers, 6 pieces for Piano op.215
Technik und Melodie, pieces for piano, piano 3-hands, and piano 4-hands op.228
The Easiest Exercises for Beginners for piano op. 83
The First Lessons for piano op.117
The First Steps of the Young Pianist, 100 pieces in 4 books for piano op. 82
Ungarische Rhapsodie for piamo op. 63
Variations on `Ach du lieber Augustin` for piano op.115
Youth Album, 24 pieces for piano op. 62

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