Jeffrey Michael Harrington


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3 Compositions of a hundred notes for Violin and cello
3 songs for Soprano and Marimba (1994)
Five Pieces for Solo Violin (2006)
Adagio Tenebroso for String Quartet (1992)
A Hunderd Blues Later for Clarinet, Violin, and Viola (2014)
A Hunderd Blues for Clarinet, Violin, Viola (2006)
Ainsi l`aube for Flute, Viola, Double bass (2012)
Betwyxt for Flute and Two Violins (2006)
Bidon Cinq for Mandolin and Guitar (2009)
BlueStrider for piano (1994)
B`ar for Solo Contrabass (2013)
Cassotis for Clarinet Duo
Cassotis for Mandolin and Guitar (2004)
Chawswizzler for ensemble (1994)
Dans le délire de l`inutile for Soprano Saxophone, Piano (2008)
DeltaBandResonator for piano (2003)
Grigri for Saxophone Quartet
Gygr for Flute, Viola, and Harp (1999)
Irae for Violin, Viola, and Contrabass (2001)
KaleidoPsychoTropos for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano (1995)
Laudem Praeco for Solo Horn
L`Ecume des temps for Violin, Guitar (2001)
Marteau-pilon Épouvantable-implacable for Piano, Harpsichord (2006)
Mercurealities for Flute, Viola, Cello (1994)
Mockingsongbird Soliloquy for solo oboe (2002)
Mumbo Gumbo for Flute, Alto Saxophone, Violin, Cello, Piano (1999)
Oneiromancer for Flute, Viola and Harp
Ox for Solo Cello (2012)
Par-delà des eaux profondes for Baritone Saxophone and Digital Media (2010)
Passages rituels for String Quartet and Digital Media (2016)
Puce for violin solo
Ranae for Reed Quintet (2010)
Tango de Tonnerre for Viola and Piano (2011)
Traversées nocturne for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano (2013)
Undertow for Cello and Piano (2009)
Visto d`Avignoun for Reed Quintet (2012)
Infernal Hunt for Violin and Harpsichord (2013)
Encore for Violin and Piano (2014)
Water games and rocks for piano (2013)
Tourbillons for 6 Harps, Contrabass and Percussion (2007)
Gnomos for Flute, Bassoon and Piano (1994)
Blue Miniature for Solo Clarinet (2011)
Two Swords Crossed for Violin and Cello
For Solomon Eagle for Alto Recorder, Continuo, and Bass (2013)
Per i Compagni del Sirius for Piano (2009)
Valley Spirit and Wind Master for Flute and Vibraphone (2007)
The pearls for 4 Flutes (2014)
The call of the sea for Viola, piano (2012/2014)
Toy for Toy piano (2012)
The hysterical panic tango for 2 Violins (2012)
New Zion Pastorale for Orchestra (1997)
The Song of R`lyeh for Violin Octet (2011)
Vol for Solo Flute
The Empty Fist for Cello (2009)
Tchoupitolas Byrd Song for Clarinet and Piano (1993)
Un Voyage à Cythère for Eight Euphoniums (2013)
Seven Walls for Flute, Clarinet, String Quartet and Bass (2010)
Tamiami Heat for Brass Quintet, Saxes, Piano and Bass
The Minotaur`s Dream for Guitar (2009)
Tantrum for Toy Piano (2011)
Sombras y Luces de la Selva for Flute and Guitar (2009)
Fairy of the peaks for Flute solo
Tango del Aquelarre for Solo Cello (2012)
Ballade No.1 for Cello and Piano
Blues Intermezzo for piano (2010)
Grand Tango for Solo Violin (2011)
Grand Duo for Two Violins (2011)
Capriccio barbaro for Flute, Piano
Brass Quintet
Reed Quintet (2012)
Woodwind Quintet 2 (2012)
Cello Duo No.1 (2011)
Cello Duo No.2
Duo for Two Flutes (2011)
Duo for Vibraphone and Marimba (2012)
Duo No.1 for Cello and Contrabass (2013)
Duo Dioscuri for Contrabass and Piano (1994)
Duo Oscuro for Bass Clarinet and Vibraphone (2011)
Canons for Kannon for Violin Duo (2018)
Quarter Dollar Tones for Solo Cello (2010)
Quartet for Two Flutes, Violin and Contrabass (2015)
Morph-Fantasía for Woodwind Quintet (1996)
Nocturne for Violin Duo (2011)
Nocturne for Cello and Piano
Nocturne for Flute and Piano (2010)
Nocturne for Piano Four Hands (2011)
Nocturne for Piano No.1 (2009)
Nocturne for Piano No.2 (2009)
Nocturne for Piano No.3 (2009)
Nocturne for Piano No.4 (2009)
Nocturne for Piano No.5 (2009)
Nocturne for Piano No.6 (2009)
Nocturne for Piano No.7 (2010)
Nonet (2006)
Pastorale for Solo Flute (2013)
Piano Prelude No.1 (1991)
Piano Prelude No.2 (1992)
Piano Prelude No.3 (1992)
Piano Prelude No.4 (1991)
Piano Prelude No.5 (1992)
Piano Prelude No.6 (1992)
Piano Prelude No.7 (1995)
Piano Prelude No.8
Prelude No.1 for 19ET Piano (2004)
Piano Prelude No.10 (1998)
Piano Prelude No.11 (1998)
Piano Prelude No.13 (1998)
Piano Prelude No.15 (1998)
Piano Prelude No.16
Piano Prelude No.18 (1998)
Piano Prelude No.19 (1998)
Prelude No.2 for 19ET Piano (2004)
Prelude No.3 for 19ET Piano (2004)
Prelude No.4 for 19ET Piano (2004)
Part for Solo Flute (2012)
Saxophone Quartet No.3 (2013)
Sinfonietta No.2 for Horn, Viola and Contrabass (2015)
Sinfonietta Povera for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Contrabass (2015)
Symphony No.2 for String Orchestra
Scherzo for Solo Cello (2010)
Sonata for 2 Flutes and Piano (2015)
Sonata for Horn and Piano (2015)
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (2015)
Violin Sonata No.1
Violin Sonata No.2
Violin Sonata No.3
Violin Sonata No.4
Violin Sonata No.5 (2016)
Sonata for Solo Violin (1986)
Violin Sonata in the Classic Style
Flute Sonata no.2 (2001/2004)
Piano Sonata No.3
Sonatina for Violin and Piano
String Trio No.4
String Trio No.5
String Quartet No. 7
String Trio No.8 in 19ET (2017)
String Quartet No.1 (1992)
String Quartet No.3
String Quartet No.4 (1998)
String Quartet No.5 (2001)
String Quartet No.6 (2011)
String Quartet No.8 (2013)
String Quartet No.10 (2015)
String Quartet No.9 (2013)
Suite for Two Quarter-tone Tuned Keyboards (1991)
Tango Ondulado for Solo Flute (2012)
Tango for Cello Duo (2017)
Tango for Viola and Piano (2010)
Tango for Woodwind Quintet (2011)
Tango for String Quartet (2011)
Tango for Piano Quintet (2016)
Tango for Piano No.1 (2012)
Tango for Piano No.2 (2012)
Tango No.1 for Cello and Piano
Tango No.2 for Cello and Piano
Tango Milonga I for Clarinet, Cello and Piano (2012)
Tango Milonga II for Clarinet, Cello and Piano
Tango Milonga III for Clarinet, Cello and Piano (2012)
Tango-Phantasie for Piano Trio (2012)
Tango-Phantasmagoria for Piano Four Hands (2011)
Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano
Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Contrabass (2014)
Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano
Trio for Trumpet, Vibraphone, Contrabass (2011)
Trio for Flute, Violin and Cello (2018)
Trio No.2 for Horn, Violin and Piano (2016)
Trio No.2 for Clarinet, Violin and Piano (2015)
Fanfare for Large Brass Ensemble (2007)
Fanfare for Winds and Timpani (2008)
Piano Trio No.1 (1992)
Piano Trio No.2 (2004)
Piano Quintet (2017)