Vitor Herbert

Vitor Herbert (1859–1924)
3 Pieces for Cello and Piano
A la Valse
Al fresco Intermezzo for Piano
American Fantasia for orchestra [1893]
Angel Face, Musical Play (1920)
Babes in Toyland, Extravaganza in 3 Acts (1903)
Babette, Comic Opera in Three Acts (1903)
Badinage, Piece for Orchestra (1895)
Concerto for cello and orchestra No. 1 in D major op. 8
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra No. 2 in E minor (1894) op. 30
Dream City and The Magic Knight, Operetta (1907)
Eileen, Comic Opera in Three Acts (1917)
Fleurette, Valse lente for Piano
Fragments from the operettas
Her Regiment, Operetta (1917)
Hero and Leander [symphonic poem] [Op. 33]
Indian Summer, Idyl for Piano (1919)
Irish Rhapsody for Orchestra (1892)
I`m Falling in Love with Someone
La coquette, piece for Piano
Little Nemo, Musical Piece (1908)
L`Encore, piece for flute and clarinet with Orchestra (1910)
Madeleine, opera (1914)
Mlle. Modiste, Operetta (1905)
Musical comedy `Orange Blossoms` (1922)
Musical comedy `Orange Blossoms` (arias)
Natoma, opera (1911)
Naughty Marietta, Operetta (1910)
Panamericana, Piece for Piano
Prince Ananias, Operetta (1894)
Punchinello, piece for Piano op. 38
Serenade for String Orchestra (1884) op. 12
Suite for Cello and Orchestra in F major (1882) op. 3
Suite romantique for Orchestra in A major (1900) op. 31
Sweethearts, A Comic Opera in Two Acts (1913)
The Ameer, A Comic Opera (1899)
The Débutante, A Musical Comedy (1914)
The Enchantress, Operetta (1913)
The Fortune Teller, Comic Opera in Three Acts (1898)
The Idol`s Eye, Comic Opera in Three Acts (1897)
The Lady of the Slipper, Musical Comedy in Three Acts (1912)
The Madcap Duchess, A Comic Opera in Two Acts (1912)
The Only Girl, Operetta (1914)
The Prima Donna, Operetta (1908)
The Princess Pat, Operetta (1915)
The Red Mill, Operetta (1906)
The Rose of Algeria, Operetta (1909)
The Serenade, Operetta (1897)
The Singing Girl, Operetta (1899)
The Tattooed Man, Operetta (1907)
The Velvet Lady, Musical Play (1919)
The Viceroy, A Comic Opera in Three Acts (1900)
The Wizard of the Nile, Operetta (1895)
Under an Oak, song for Bass voice and Piano
Under the Elms, Souvenir de Saratoga for Piano
When Sweet Sixteen, Musical (1910)
Whispering Willows, Intermezzo for Piano
Wonderland, Musical (1905)