Henri Herz

Henri Herz (1803–1888)
18 Grandes etudes de concert for piano op.153
2 Ballades for piano op.117
24 Etudes for piano op.151
24 Etudes for piano op.152
24 Exercises and préludes for piano op. 21
3 Ballet tunes from opera `Mosè in Egitto` Rossini for piano
3 Duos concertans for violin and piano op. 75
3 New American Polkas for piano op.160
30 Études progressives for piano op.119
6 Ballet tunes of opera `William Tell` by Rossini for piano
8 Bagatelles for paino op. 85
Air Swiss varied for piano op. 46
Bagatelle on `The Shepherdess of Valais` for piano
Bright Fantasy on opera `Marco Spada` by Auber for piano op.173
Bright Rondo on a Favorite Air of opera `The Snow` by Auber for piano op. 14
Brilliant Entertainment No.2 on a Favorite Cavatine for piano op. 22
Californienne Grande Polka Brilliante for piano op.167
Caprice No.1 for piano op. 32
Concerto for pianoforte and orchestra and choir No.6 in A minor op. 192
Daily study consisting of 18 special events
Divertimento No.1 for piano op. 15
Fantaisie brillante en forme de rondo for piano op.106
Fantaisie dramatique op. 89
Fantaisie et variations sur der airs nationaux américains variés op.158
Fantaisie et variations sur la marche d`Otello de Rossini op. 67
Fantaisie mexicaine for piano op.162
Fantasie et variations for violin and piano op. 19
Fantasy and Rondo on a Cavatine from Bellini`s `La Zelmire` for piano op. 12
Fantasy on opera `The Prophet` by Meyerbeer for piano op.183
Gaily the troubadour, 4 pieces for piano
Grand Duet of the Coronation for 2 pianos op.104
Grand duet on the motifs of the opera `Il barbiere di Seviglia` Rossini for Piano 4 hands op.212
Grand Duo Concertant No.2 for 2 pianos
Grand galop brillant for piano op.188
Grande fantaisie militaire sur La fille du regiment op.163
Grande polonaise brillante op. 30
Grande sonate di Bravura for piano op.200
Great fantasy on the motifs of the opera `L`Africaine` Meyerbeer for piano op.205
Great fantasy on `La Romanesca` for piano op.111
Illustrated Recreation, 12 pieces for piano op.215
Introduction, Variations and Finale for Cello and Piano op. 7
La Parisienne, National March with Variations for piano op. 58
La Tapada, polka from Peru for piano op.171
Large brilliant variations on the favorite air `The Little Tambour` for piano op. 41
Large variations on a favorite march of opera `William Tell` by Rossini for piano 4 hands op. 50
Large variations on the choir of the Greeks of the opera Siege of Corinth by Rossini for piano op. 36
Large variations on the chorus of hunters of opera Euriante by Weber for piano op. 62
Le mouvement perpétuel op. 91/3
Love Song for Piano op.203
Madrid, Introduction and bolero for piano op.190
March and Rondo on Paganini`s `Clochette` for piano op. 63
Marche and Rondo on Verdi`s `Ernani` for piano op.189
Marche nationale mexicaine for piano op.166
Musical Recreation, 24 piece for piano WoO
New Varied Tyrolean for piano op.154
Piano Concerto No.1 in A-dur op. 34
Piano Concerto No.2 in c-moll op. 74
Piano Concerto No.3 in d-moll op. 87
Piano Concerto No.4 in E-dur op.131
Piano Concerto No.5 in f-moll op.180
Piano Concerto No.7 in h-moll op.207
Piano Concerto No.8 in As-dur (1873) op.218
Piano Trio in A major op. 54
Polka caprice for piano
Polonaise brillante for piano op. 25
Rêverie Nocturne for piano op.194
Rondo alla Cosacca for piano op. 2
Rondo brillant for piano op. 99
Rondo de concert for 2 violins, viola, cello, piano op. 27
Rondo on a favorite Chalet motif for piano
Rondo-Capriccio on Auber`s opera `La Muette de Portici` for piano op. 44
Shiny fantasy on motifs of opera `The ambassador` by Auber for piano op. 95
Shiny Fantasy on opera `The Huguenots` by Meyerbeer for piano op.208
Studies of Agility for piano op.179
Thème original avec introduction et variations op. 81
The difficulties of the piano, Etudes spéciales op.216
The Flower of America, Waltz for piano
The polka of the Century for piano
The sea foam, Marche and Valse Brillante for piano op.168
The sirens, 3 pieces after Bellini operas for piano op.124
The Song of the Pilgrim, Élégie for piano op.187
The three genres, 3 pieces for piano op. 88
The three graces, 3 Cavatines for piano op. 68
Three ballet tunes from Auber`s opera La mette de Portici for piano
Tribute to America, Grande nocturne for piano op.161
Trois Nocturnes caractéristiques op. 45
Two ballads for piano op.117
Variations on `Non piu Mesta` from Rossini`s `La Cenerentola` op. 60
Varied contredanses followed by a waltz for piano op. 35
Various contredanses for piano op. 49
War Song for piano op.204